Why are there some gaps in lesson attendance?

Lesson Attendance is the taking of a register at the start of each lesson and recording who is in attendance for that period or lesson; e.g. English mid morning.

Session Attendance is the taking of a register once in the morning and once again in the afternoon to record which students were in school that morning or afternoon.

Not all schools take Lesson attendance all the time. They do take Session attendance however as this is a mandatory requirement for government reporting.

Only the 2 types of attendance recording give a true picture of a child's attendance at school, particularly the older a child gets. A student may be in the school building and have attended morning registration, but that does not necessarily mean they have found their way to the maths classroom!

It is likely that the school subscribing to Emerge for Parents want to track attendance patterns and enlist the help of parents not least advise them of any non-attending students, so there should be few occasions when there are gaps. These could be due to a cover teacher (for example when the main teacher is ill) not having access to the school registration system or any other factors to do with the administration of registers.

If you have ongoing concerns about regular gaps in the attendance data you are seeing you should talk to the school.

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