I can text/email from PayOurSchool – is this separate to sending a message from the main Messenger Menus?


We'd recommend you use Messenger as normal to send messages about activities etc, such as letters introducing the trip to parents, or reminders that an activity is taking place. However, if your message is about the payments themselves we'd recommend you use PayOurSchool's inbuilt notifications (such as the creation of a new activity) or ad-hoc messaging functionality.


Scenario Messaging system
"I have a letter about a ski trip that I want to send. It tells parents that a ski trip is taking place, when it is happening and asks parents to register their interest in the students taking part." Send this using Messenger as 'normal'.

You would most likely send this letter as an email to all eligible students, such as a year group or registration classes.

From the responses you could then setup a Messenger Saved Group or an MIS group of students that are taking part allowing you more streamlined communication in future as well as the ability to add only those students to the activities in PayOurSchool ensuring only relevant students are invited to pay.

"I've added a new activity and I need to ask parents to make a payment." PayOurSchool's inbuilt notifications will take care of this for you.

When you have set up the activity, simply select  'Save & Bill now' and the messages will be sent.

"I need to remind parents to make a payment" PayOurSchool's reminder service will message only the parents of those students who do not have a payment completed.
"It's the day before a school trip and I need to advise parents to send certain items (such as a raincoat due to a change in the weather) on the trip with their children." Send this using Messenger as 'normal' using the groups you setup for the trip either in Messenger or in your MIS.


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