Can another person have their own login details to access my/our children’s information?

  • Emerge for Parents only shows those people that have current Parental Responsibility (PR) for a child. This is a legal requirement.
  • Anyone who has PR will be allowed to see the child(ren) and will have their own login.
  • We do not recommend shared logins are used.
  • Anyone who does not have PR, such as a Grandparent or other family member, will not be able to have a login of their own, however you can show them information on your device when you are with them if you would like to.
  • Anyone who may at one time have had PR, which has now been rescinded, will not be able to see the children for which they once had access.
    • If for example, the child's father had PR and signed up for an account and then later had PR rescinded by a court, their login to Emerge for Parents would still work, however they would not see the child for which PR has been removed.
    • In the case of a change to PR, you should make sure the school are advised so that the school filing systems can be updated.
    • You can also ask the school to revoke an Emerge for Parents user account so that the relevant person can not login at all.
  • In all cases, the school system must reflect the current arrangements for Parental Responsibility to ensure that Emerge for Parents has access to the correct information and access rights.

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