Emerge User Profiles

It is necessary to associate each user with a profile that controls what information they have access to in the Emerge App itself. The current profiles are outlined below.

Profile Name Senior Management Team 2 Teacher 2 Teacher (No Session Attendance) Emerge Admin Disabled
Roles included Notes  Also used for Admin. Can be used for Supply Teacher by omitting the association with a staff code in the EMC. Should be limited to only a few users. Has no rights and should be used to effectively disable a user when that user should no longer have access to any Emerge function.
View all staff information 1 yes
Take AM and PM (Session) Attendance yes yes
Take Lesson Attendance yes yes yes
View all Student Information yes yes yes
Record Behaviour and Achievement yes yes yes
View Reports Module yes
Access the Emerge Admin App yes


If this role is not included in a profile, the user can view limited staff information i.e. names and timetables etc, but not address or next of kin details. It can be manually toggled using the "View Staff Personal" setting on the users tab in order to include it or exclude such access from a profile.

An identical profile is available without the messaging role included - labelled (No Messenger) for use where a Messaging Subscription from Groupcall or an approved third party is enabled but where you wish to exclude certain users from sending messages.