Emerge User Account Creation

Emerge will require user accounts to be created to use for accessing data within the App on devices - each user has to login to the device for security purposes. The user accounts should also be linked to staff accounts in the MIS for ease of access to registers and timetables etc.

Add a New User

  1. Ensure you are in the ‘Users’ area of the console.
  2. To add a new user, click the Add button.
  3. Choose a suitable Username and Password (password needs to be entered twice to confirm).
    • The username will need to be in lower case and should be unique within the school; we suggest defining a robust naming convention to ensure duplicates are not created. This could be the same as any existing policies (such as email, MIS or windows logon) in place for convenience. Administratively they remain independent as Emerge has no inter-relationship with such systems at this level, but your users may find it more convenient to remember 1 username for multiple systems.
  4. Select the relevant user settings and permission level for the user account.
    • The default can be set in the settings area, but should be changed on a per user basis where necessary.
  5. Select the staff member for whom you are creating the Emerge account, from the auto populated list synced from the MIS system.
  6. This allows for direct links to register information. (Supply Staff is available as a generic option for any non-teaching or cover staff members).
  7. Override the default allow Evidence option for Achievements and Behaviour as required.

When complete, click Save. All successfully created users will show in the list at the top of the console.

You should give the user name and password to your end users to specify within the App itself. Please keep passwords secure from unauthorised users.