Emerge Updates

Once installed, the Emerge Server Software requires no further maintenance intervention (provided that Xporter maintains accessibility to the pre-requisite URLs e.g. after a proxy server change etc) as required updates are released and applied via the in-built mechanisms.

App updates are pushed to devices through the standard device update release mechanisms.  Updates can include bug fixes, security enhancements and feature developments – some of which may not take full effect until an Xporter script update has taken place.

To further maintain the integrity, performance and functionality of the software, Groupcall adheres to the ITILv3-based release management cycle. Usually in the case of a major update, you will be informed prior to this taking place. Some script updates take place from time to time to enable new App features, if you'd like more information on this, please see the Emerge Update FAQ's.

Exhaustive testing together with thorough documentation and rollback support give you and us peace of mind!