Emerge Update FAQ’s

As you know there are two elements to Emerge - the server side that sits in school (consisting of the Emerge Management Console (EMC), and the scripts that extract data from your MIS) and the App itself installed on devices. In order for you to receive all the benefits and features of the latest release, both the Emerge App and your server will need to be updated. This page deals with the Server Side updates only.

You should however make sure all devices are running the latest versions - if you have any reported errors, please ensure that device is on the latest app version (or higher) as detailed below. You can check the version number in 'Settings' > 'About' on the device or via the updated Management Console in the devices tab.

Apple iOS - Version 2.67 Bld 1023 released July 2014

Android - Version 2.75 released May 2014

If you are having issues updating devices this is likely a general device issue and therefore outside the support boundaries provided by Groupcall - the internet is the best place to find advice on these kind of issues, but if you are really stuck, we'll try and help if we can!

What will you be doing to my server when you update Emerge?
The way Emerge has been designed and built has security at its very core; the updates we are releasing are no different and so the update procedure is a safe action to apply to your school.

Included within the Emerge program files are some configuration files that tell Emerge where to check for updates - in simple terms we will use our Dashboard management tool to 'point' this update location to a newer URL where the config files will find the new update. Emerge will then download the required files and unpack them to disk on the server.

The Emerge service will restart and the new updates will be in use!

You'll see some processor activity and perhaps a service restart entry in any event logs you may have configured, but apart from that the update process itself is silent.


Will you re-boot my server?
No, we are making no changes to the operating system, only to Emerge itself and so the server will not require a restart.


Is this update safe?
Yes. We have thoroughly tested the updates on our test platforms and with a number of beta-test schools nationally. We only release updates to our customers when they have been thoroughly tested in a number of
environments; however, we can’t replicate every individual configuration across the country so, if in the unlikely event you do encounter a problem that you believe to be due to the Emerge Update please contact our support team where your issue will be dealt with as a matter of priority.


Don’t forget 'pool' or 'shared' devices…

...that may only be used on school trips every once in a while or devices that are reserved for supply teachers - these devices may well sit unused expect in emergencies or exceptional circumstances so you need to check they have the latest app versions.


Winter 2013 Update;

Why are we releasing an update?
We have improved the performance of the Emerge Server side components to make Emerge sync faster with your MIS - we know this is important to many schools!.
What happens if I don’t update?
You won't benefit from the faster syncing.

Thank you for taking the time to read these FAQ's - if you have any other questions please contact us and we'll do our best to help you!