Emerge Releases – September/October 14

This release note covers the features added for Apple iOS and Android.

Emerge for SchoolsEmerge for Schools version 3.00+
Parents1024Emerge for Parents version 1.14


All Platforms

Emerge for Schools version 3.00+

  • Support for the upcoming Assessment Writeback functionality. Watch this space for more information. 
  • Performance enhancements.
    • The today screen now refreshes when you resume using the app to avoid stale information being displayed.

Emerge for Parents version 1.14

  • No changes since July.
Apple iOS Android
  • Reactive maintenance to support iOS 8.
  • Performance enhancements.
    • Better handling of database updates.
  • Improvements to the way evidence for achievement or behaviour is deleted - you can now simply press and hold to delete a photo before you save the record.
  • Performance enhancements.
    • Comments for medical notes now display to give teachers better access to the information held in the MIS.
    • Issues with saving records caused during device rotation now resolved.

Please Note: Some features require a script update to be applied on the Emerge server in school. If you do not have access to a feature listed here, please speak with the Emerge Administrator in your school. The latest scripts will be automatically updated in accordance with Groupcall's upgrade policy in due course.

Emerge Server Version

The minimum version of the Emerge Server required for schools running Emerge for Parents or Emerge for Schools is version This can be identified by the version number found at the bottom left of the console.