Emerge Network Infrastructure

Every school/establishment running Emerge is set up in a slightly different manner.  In order to make sure that Emerge can communicate across your network it is important that you provide us with the following information and can make the required network connections.

In the school - If you are using Emerge over Wi-Fi

Proxy Details

If the Emerge devices or Emerge Server Software need to pass through a school proxy server in order to reach the Internet, please make sure that you have the:

  • Proxy URL
  • Proxy username and password

Internet access is required for installing, updating and registering software on the devices and server.

Connecting Devices

  1. Can you connect to the internet from a device connected to the wireless network? Try opening Google and performing a search to prove Internet connectivity.
  2. Is it possible to make a connection to the Emerge Server?
  3. Does this connection depend on use of the proxy server?

Out and about - If you are accessing Emerge from outside the school

Are you planning to connect any teacher or school devices over a mobile data connection or from non-school WiFi? Please let Groupcall know and we’ll set up the secure Service Bus during the installation.

Service bus is a required component of Emerge Desktop. If you would like to see technical and networking detail about Service Bus, please have a look at this document.