Emerge Server Installation

The installation process for Emerge will consist of a number of configuration screens to be completed and checked. This process will install three separate software tools and run two new Services.

Software and Services that will be installed

  • Groupcall Management Console
  • Emerge Log Viewer
  • Groupcall Xporter
  • Emerge Service
  • Xporter Service

Detailed below is an explanation of the software that will be installed during the setup process.

Tell me more about the software being installed

Groupcall Management Console

This software is the tool used to setup and maintain emerge devices, users and groups which will be used within the school system, alongside any additional settings and options needed.

This runs off a newly installed service “Groupcall Emerge Service”This service operates in conjunction with the Xporter agent - a tool used to securely extract the information from the MIS and cache encrypted data files locally to sync with Emerge.

Xporter uses a number of MIS report files to extract the data off a newly installed service before passing the data to the “Groupcall Emerge Service” for access by the handheld devices. This software runs with a very small footprint in the background.

NB: You may have the Xporter Management Console already installed as it is widely used by a number of 3rd Party Partners and Local Authorities for Data Extraction and Translation. Installing Emerge alongside an existing installation of Xporter is fully supported and will have no impact on any existing configuration.


Emerge Log Viewer

This software is the tool that logs all activity for the Groupcall Emerge service. It will display any device connection attempts, together with specific user details and data fetching.

This can be used for troubleshooting as it will also display any data related device error messages. In normal use you most likely won’t need to run this software on a regular basis; we have provided it for local, in school support and use by Groupcall’s Support teams to address and diagnose any issues. You may be asked to collect logs and forward them to Groupcall for support. If you can include any such logs when contacting groupcall for support, that would be most helpful and allows us to diagnose your problem more quickly.

What is Groupcall Xporter?

Groupcall Xporter is a mature and versatile extraction/translation tool that specialises in connection to school and college MIS systems. It extracts data to an agreed format for a customer and then delivers the data using an agreed method.

Groupcall Xporter extends typical extraction tools by providing:

  • A randomising scheduler
  • Remote web-based monitoring and management
  • Automatic updating
  • Support for multiple sets of extraction scripts in a single installation (i.e. multiple customers)
  • Delta generation and change tracking.

Groupcall Xporter is used by approximately 75% of Secondary and 45% of Primary schools in the United Kingdom.  Groupcall Xporter enables real time data extraction for Schools, Academy Groups, Local Authorities, Broadband Consortia and Third Party Organisations.

Emerge Server Installation

You should refer to the Emerge Pre-Requisites section ensure you have met relevant pre-requisites and you have selected the best place in your school’s environment to install the Emerge Server service.

Talk me through the Installation…

Please contact Groupcall to obtain your link to the installer.

Once received please download the file to your server making sure that you are logged on to the server as a user with rights to install software.

Run the file you have downloaded to begin the installation.Close any open programs as recommended.

When this has been completed click Next >

Emerge Server Installation - Step 1
Verify you are happy with the destination in which the Emerge installation files will be saved.When this has been completed click Next >
Emerge Server Installation - Step 2
Double check all settings are correct from the previous two screens, if any changes are needed at this stage click < BackWhen this has been completed click Install

Emerge Server Installation - Step 3

Select the MIS used on the school system.When this is completed click Next >
Emerge Server Installation - Step 4
Double check all settings are correct from the previous screen, if any changes are needed at this stage click < BackWhen this has been completed click Install
Emerge Server Installation - Step 5
Enter the relevant MIS login credentials that were set up during the pre-requisites phase.Click the Login button to test the connection. You shouldn’t click Next until you have a green connection message. If you’re unable to get a green connection message then consult your MIS manager before continuing.

When this has been completed click Next >

Emerge Server Installation - Step 6
Check that the school information presented is correct.When completed, click Next >
Emerge Server Installation - Step 7
The installation will now clarify that services are running successfully and the scripts downloaded.When all post install checks are complete click Next >
Emerge Server Installation - Step 8
Installation complete, select any software tools to open additionally and click Finish
Emerge Server Installation - Step 9

Configuration and Use of Emerge

You will now need to configure Emerge, as well as installing the App on any devices you wish to utilise with the system. Please see the supporting documentation on our website for next steps.

  1. Using the Emerge Management Console
  2. Emerge Getting Started Guide

Next Steps...

If you need any further assistance or get in to any difficulty, then please contact Groupcall Support. If the issue affects Groupcall Partner products you should refer to the support arrangements for that specific Groupcall Partner.

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