Emerge for Schools – February 2015

Welcome! We are pleased to introduce to you the much anticipated new features of the Emerge for Schools app...

Speed Enhancements

We've done it again... The Emerge structure file is now 10 times smaller and therefore faster to load. We hope you enjoy the performance enhancements that this brings.

Assessment Write-back

AssessmentWB_listFollowing on from the success of making assessment marks available to both staff and parents to view we have now furthered Emerge's functionality by adding the ability for staff to record assessment directly in Emerge for write-back to SIMS.

When combined with the Emerge offline capabilities this truly makes Emerge an invaluable tool for lessons such as PE and Geography or any other occasion where Internet access may be unavailable or where a laptop or PC may be inappropriate. Not only can you take registration for the English trip to the theatre, but now you can also record assessment marks as your students undertake work.

Imagine the time and paperwork you will save!









Dinner Registers

We've made the whole process of taking the normal morning register AND the dinner register easier; once enabled for Emerge, the morning register allows you to do BOTH at the same time, and write the appropriate marks back to SIMS (requires the SIMS Dinner Money module to work). This is predominantly aimed at Primary Schools who have the need to record dinner choices to provide to the kitchen, however if you are not a Primary School but would like to make use of this functionality, please let us know.

Read the user guide here for full information.

DinnerRegFull DinnerRegList

Help Me Button


An emergency alerting facility to be used in the event a staff user gets into difficulties inside or outside the classroom, in just a couple of clicks!

Read the user guide here.


Tell me more...

Easily configure the message content and the list of recipients. Make different configurations for different categories.


Quickly and easily choose the location, or accept the suggestion from the user's timetable, and add some text.


Send the message to the configured list of recipients.

Emerge can send a pre-configured SMS text message to a list of key staff to ask for help. It will also show the user actually raising the alarm. As the SMS is sent via Emerge and not the device itself, Help Me can be used on any device, not just those with a SIM card. For devices with a SIM card, there is also a facility to phone the pre-configured numbers directly.


An SMS is sent, via Groupcall's Messenger v5 platform, and displayed clearly to all recipients.


Fire Registers

fire_registerMuch like the any other register in Emerge, Fire Registers intelligently identifies your expected tutor group and students, then provides an interface to take a register (whilst still allowing users to select other groups).

Read the user guide here.


Tell me more...

The unique offering of this new features is that, in the event of a fire (real or drill) or other emergency, Emerge presents you with a single student per screen and allows you quickly to take your register visually when in a potentially chaotic situation. This has the added benefit of then presenting you with a list of students whose registration status conflicts with their expected status.

FireRegisterStill_GroupThe registers do not save to SIMS, but do save to the device for as long as is needed for cross checking or showing to emergency personnel. Fire Register interface provides a simple ‘in’ or ‘out’ option with a student photo and name, as well as what their previous (AM or PM) session register states, to allow staff to quickly ascertain who is in that should be in, who is out that should be out, but critically those who cannot be found.


FireRegister_SelectReg FireRegister_MarkEnter FireRegister_Missing FireRegister_Photo


In addition to the main headline features above we have also made some improvements in other areas.

Communication Information

We've added even more details to the student record to help communication with parents. As well as the individual contact details for each parental contact, we now list the primary/main contact details for email, home and mobile phone on the 'Contact Info' page. We hope this makes it even easier for you to engage with parents directly in an emergency.



Multi Select Students for Behaviour and Achievement

The process for recording multiple students against a behaviour incident or achievement event has been streamlined, and for achievements you can now ‘Select All’.

Disable comments on Behaviour events for Parental users

BehCommentsOnOffWhen running the latest EmergeSchoolRoot scripts, it is possible to disable the comments associated with a behaviour event so they are not shown to parental users in the Groupcall app (formerly known as Emerge for Parents). This allows details to be recorded for use by staff but prevents potentially sensitive information from being displayed to parents. When used in conjunction with the date settings in the Emerge Admin app you have complete control over what information is shared.



Customer requests included in this release:RptsFilter


  • Reports now have filters for Year and Registration groups.

Student RecordStudentRecord_Flags

  • ‘Flags’ added to identify EAL, FSM, Pupil Premium, G&T & SEN students on their student record in Emerge.
  • SIMS ‘Quick Notes’ now available on the student record in Emerge.



  • Contact notes displayed.
    • SIMS > Contact details > Open number or email address > Notes.
    • e.g. "Dad doesn't speak English"

Notes location in SIMS - click to enlarge image.


Note displays in Emerge next to number or email address.



  • ‘Flag’ to indicate students that are on report, shown on attendance registers.
  • A teacher can now ‘Mark All’ with the Visit (V) code.
AttRptFlag MarkAllVisit

Behaviour and Achievement recording

  • Behaviour records date back to the start of the academic year.
    • previously they dated back a specific number of months.
  • Behaviour records now show which member of staff recorded the incident and the creation date to highlight when incidents were logged at a later date.
  • Staff can now select the event date for behaviour and achievement records, where the recording of the incident may happen some time after the event.
BehRecord+Staff BehDateRecord


  • Staff codes are back in the staff list. StaffCodes
  • Options to protect staff details in reports run by other staff.

Server and Xporter Versions

To take advantage of the new functionality, your school server needs to have the latest version of the Emerge scripts applied to it.

This allows your MIS database to be queried appropriately by Emerge and for the information to display on your devices.

The updated scripts will be applied on a rolling basis to all customers by our support teams over the coming weeks. If you believe you should have received this update already, please get in touch.

You should also ensure all Emerge devices are running the most up-to-date version of the app possible. Apple iOS devices require version 3.06 and Android devices require version 3.16.

Emerge Server Version
The minimum version of the Emerge Server required for the above features is version This can be identified by the version number found at the bottom left of the console.

Xporter version

You must be running version or higher of Xporter. This will be applied by our support team when they release the scripts required to make the above features active in your school.