Emerge for Parents – User Account Registration

When your school has installed the required software on their server, they will send out an invitation for you to use the Emerge for Parents service. If you have not yet received an invitation, please speak to your school, bearing in mind that they may be conducting a managed invitation rollout in batches and so you may be due an invitation soon!


Once you receive an invitation, you will need to register for a user account powered by Groupcall IDaaS that will allow you to sign in on the Emerge for Parents App on your devices. The information below will talk you through this process.
I have more than 1 child

If you have multiple children, you will receive a separate invitation from each school offering the service. Each invitation will cover all of your children in the one school. The 1st invitation will be used to create an account and any subsequent invitations will be used to link any children in the 2nd school to your existing account.


Show me some example scenarios...
  • You have 1 child.
    • You will receive 1 invitation.
  • You have 1 child in school (e.g. over the age of 4) and 1 or more children pre-school age.
    • You will receive 1 invite for the school age child.
    • When your other children start school and the school set up their database to say that your are the parent those children will automatically appear in your Emerge App. You may need to logout out and back in again on the App.
  • You have 2 or more children at the same school.
    • You will receive an invitation covering all children for whom you are identified as being the parent in the school database.
  • You have 2 or more children at different schools.
    • You will receive 1 invitation per school from any school that has Emerge for Parents, with each invitation covering all children for whom you are identified as being the parent in that school's database.
    • You will only be able to see details in the Emerge for Parents App for those children at the school(s) that offer the service. 
      • Example: You have 3 children altogether. Two are in the same secondary school and one is in a different primary school. The secondary school is an Emerge for Parents school. You will receive 1 invitation for the 2 eldest children. If the Primary school eventually subscribes to Emerge for Parents you will receive an invitation for that child, but until that point you will only be able to see 2 of your children’s details in the Emerge for Parents App.

Contact Details

Emerge for Parents relies on correct contact details to invite parents securely.

  • Your email address is used to send the invite.
  • Your mobile phone number is used to send a verification code by SMS.
  • At least 1 other detail, which may also be your mobile phone number, is used as verification to confirm the person completing registration online is the person that the school has invited.

It is therefore imperative that your school has the correct contact information for you saved in the school database. Please make sure you speak to the school to advise them of any changes of details.

How Do I Register?

When you receive your invitation on email, click on the link provided. The link may vary from school to school so please ensure you use the link in the email. This will forward you to the Groupcall IDaaS Registration pages.

  1. ID_SecurityQWhere you see "please help us validate your identity" you will need to answer a security question in order to verify that the person completing the online registration is the person the school have invited.
  2. Your answer must match the details held in the school database.
    • If your answer does not match you will see the text "incorrect answer" in red below the box where you entered the details.
    • If you have entered the answer you believe to be correct, and yet still see "incorrect answer" displayed, it is likely that the school database is incorrect and you will therefore need to speak to the school to update the database before you can continue with registration.
  3. Provided your answer is correct you will then be sent a 7 digit code to the mobile phone registered in the school database.

  5. ID_SMSCode

    Enter this code in the box provided and press the continue button.

    • If you do not receive the code, you can use the "resend code" function.
    • If you continue not to receive a code please contact the school that invited you.


If this is the 1st time you have completed the registration process, you will need to create a new account. If you are completing the registration process for a second (or third etc!) time you will need to link the subsequent invites/children to your existing account.


It is essential you link invitations rather than creating a new account. If you do not link invitations you will have multiple accounts, and therefore you will have to logout and back in again to the Emerge for Parents App to see different children.

ID_CreateAcc ID_LinkAcc
Choose a Username and Password.


Ensure you have read our guidelines on selecting a secure password!


Make a note of your username and ensure you can remember your password - these details form your IDaaS login and will be used to sign in to the App on your Apple or Android devices.

 Enter your IDaaS username and password.
ID_CreateUsername ID_LinkAcc_UsernameEntry

You are now signed in to your IDaaS account.

Any schools associated with your account will show under the menu on the top right hand side. From here  you can also change your password and log out.


EfP_Login_DeviceYou are now ready to start using the Emerge for Parents App. If you have not already,  download the App on any device(s) on which you wish to access your child(ren)'s school information and enter your IDaaS username and password.

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