Emerge Data Security

This section provides details of the management of data security in relation to the use of Groupcall Emerge.

Data is transported bi-directionally between the Emerge Service and school MIS. Emerge then communicates securely with registered Emerge enabled devices.  All data is secured in motion using industry standard encryption.

Groupcall Emerge accesses the school MIS system using credentials that you provide to it and cannot access it without them.

Emerge enabled devices use industry standard AES-128 bit encryption to secure data at the user and device level.

Device cached Emerge data falls into two categories: Encrypted and Shared Non-Encrypted.

Encrypted: All Personal Information data is secured using industry standard encryption.
Shared Non-Encrypted: Data that is not deemed to be Personal Information is not encrypted to ensure maximum performance and the ability to share this cached data between users of the same device.  Photographs are an example of data that can be shared between users of a device.  A photo is not deemed to contain Personal Information, as it cannot be associated with encrypted Personal Information such as ‘name’ on its own.  Performance is maximised, as the photographs do not need to be downloaded for every user of the same Emerge enabled device.

All devices running Emerge have their own unique device identifier. This is used to register the device within the Emerge Management Console that resides on the school’s MIS system. Every time an Emerge device connects to the server to collect data, the username and password are seamlessly validated. Furthermore, the system locks automatically when inactive and can only be accessed again using a PIN code.

Groupcall strongly recommend that your school have additional security policies in place to include the use of devices containing school data inside and outside of school premises.

Furthermore, we recommend that you incorporate additional device security measures that enable you to remotely wipe, disable and locate a device.  Apple’s iCloud includes all of these features and there are a number of apps available for Android and Windows from the respective app stores.  Groupcall takes all reasonable steps to secure Emerge data, but as you would expect, does not have access to a device’s underlying Operating System.