Emerge 2.6+


This release note covers the features added in the 2.6 and later family of Emerge releases across all supported platforms. This includes but is not limited to – 2.6 for iOS devices, and 2.70 for Android devices. The Windows 8.1 version of Emerge is currently in Beta and therefore is not covered by this release note at present.

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All Platforms
  • FastSync, your app will download its data like never before!
  • New SMT Reports
    • Including links to take attendance for a group identified in the report and the functionality to send an SMS to contacts associated with those students when Emerge is integrated with Messenger v5.
    • Attendance over the year,
      • including persistent absence reporting - Messenger integration allows simple parental contact to be made to help reduce persistent absenteeism direct from Emerge.
    • Today's Attendance
    • Achievement Summary
    • Behaviour Summary
    • Student birthdays today
    • More reports are planned for the future.
  • New Today Screen - for SMT users this gives an at a glance view of your school today.
    • Displayed in the right pane on tablets.
    • On smaller devices (such as the iPhone and iPod or phone sized Android devices), swipe up at the home screen for access.
    • Jump straight to take your attendance
    • AM and PM registration statistics
    • Missing registers
    • Achievement Summary
    • Behaviour Summary
    • Student birthdays today.
  • New ‘themes’ giving a Primary or Secondary School look to the App.
  • Assessment data available on the Student record.
iOS Android
  • Support for our new features above
  • The usual bug fixes.
  • Support for our new features above
  • The usual bug fixes.
MIS Updates
  • CMIS
    • Script updates to support new App features above and to significantly improve performance.
    • Greater support for existing features.
  • SIMS
    • Script updates to support new App features above and to significantly improve performance.

* Some features require a script update to be applied on the Emerge server in school, if you do not have access to a feature listed here, please speak with the Emerge Administrator in your school. The latest scripts will be automatically updated in accordance with Groupcall's upgrade policy in due course.

Emerge Server Version

The minimum version of the Emerge Server required to support the above features is version This can be identified by the version number found at the bottom left of the console.