Emerge Releases – July 2014

This release note covers the features added for Apple iOS; Android changes will follow in the next few weeks.

Emerge for SchoolsEmerge for Schools version 2.67  transparent_10x10
Parents1024Emerge for Parents version 1.14


All Platforms

Emerge for Schools version 2.67

  • Reactive maintenance to support the SIMS Summer 14 release (7.158/9).
  • Bug fixed when selecting a student from the timetable within the Behaviour module.

Emerge for Parents version 1.14

  • Supports re-inviting parents who may have lost the original email or since updated their email address in the school MIS.
  • Support for parents to reset a forgotten password.
    • To make this process as secure as the initial registration process, parents will require the mobile phone they have registered with the school to complete this. You should make sure your MIS is up-to-date when parents give you new details.
    • NB for reasons of security, only the school can give out usernames; there is no support to recover or change a username without school intervention.
  • Links to emergeforparents.com help pages in the app to easily assist parents.
  • Added ability to reset Emerge databases (clear the cache) directly from the Admin App.
  • Improved attendance reporting.
  • Better presentation of the Emerge for Parents account management area - Groupcall IDaaS.
  • Distortion of photos on the app home screen is now fixed.
  • Better handling of updates and app behaviour during data download.
  • Improved options for configuring the school website link displayed in Emerge for Parents - you can now do this in the Emerge Management Console.
Apple iOS
  • Support for our new features above.

Please Note: Some features require a script update to be applied on the Emerge server in school. If you do not have access to a feature listed here, please speak with the Emerge Administrator in your school. The latest scripts will be automatically updated in accordance with Groupcall's upgrade policy in due course.

Emerge Server Version

The minimum version of the Emerge Server required for schools running Emerge for Parents is This can be identified by the version number found at the bottom left of the console. Establishments running Emerge for Schools only will work with version