Emerge 2.5x

This release note covers the features added in the 2.5x family of Emerge releases across all supported platforms. This includes but is not limited to - 2.5.0 & 2.5.1 for smaller iOS devices, 2.5.0HD & 2.5.1HD for iPads and 2.51 for Android devices.

What's New?

The following describes additional enhancements made to Emerge. Please note that to see all the benefits you should download the latest version of Emerge for your device from the App Store or Google Play and ensure you have the latest scripts applied to your Emerge server.

All Platforms
  • Achievement recording:
    • The ability to record a specific piece of achievement and save this against an individual student’s, or group of students’, record(s) in the MIS.
  • Behaviour evidencing:
    • The functionality to record and save evidence of a behaviour event against an individual student’s, or group of students’, record(s) in the MIS including where the event took place, the students involved in various roles (aggressor, participant, target, witness etc.) and to save video/audio and photographic evidence along with the record.
  • Minutes Late:
    • When a student is late, you can now record the number of minutes in the MIS.
  • Added display of ‘Medical Notes’ from SIMS.net in addition to ‘Medical Conditions’ and ‘Dietary Needs’.
  • Attendance Notes:
    • Used to add a note against an attendance mark, e.g. a student is late because they were with another member of staff.
  • Integration with Schoolcomms messaging:
    • If Emerge customers are also customers of Schoolcomms, they can integrate the two services to allow messaging from the Emerge device.
  • Improved Management Console:
    • Redesigned to be more user friendly including the ability to select the device UDID from a dropdown list in the console.
    • Improved customisation including the ability to define your most commonly used attendance marks so they appear at the top of the list displayed on your device.
  • Native support for centrally hosted environments.
  • Simplification of the pairing process between devices and the Emerge server using the new management console.
  • Better support for proxies requiring NTLM authorisation.
  • Improved handling of register saving when taking attendance in offline Mode.
iOS Android
  • Notification of UDID usage to comply with Apple privacy settings:
    • Every device has a unique ID (UDID) and Emerge relies on this to keep the data secure. A message pops up when you install Emerge asking you to accept this additional security measure.
  • Updated to support iOS 6.
  • Non-HD versions now work with iPhone 5; see more information on the new iPhone’s taller screen.
  • Better compatibility with Squid Proxy based infrastructure.
  • iOS 4.3 is now the minimum supported version.
  • Various Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements.
  • Various Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements.
  • Removal of video as a form of evidence as the nature of the Android environment causes video to behave very erratically and we found that it caused too many crashes. We are investigating ways to deal with this limitation.