Emerge 2.5.2+


This release note covers the features added in the 2.5.2 and later family of Emerge releases across all supported platforms. This includes but is not limited to – 2.5.2 & 2.5.3 for iOS devices, and 2.52 for Android devices.

iOS Android
  • Updated to support iOS7 including a new value for device identifier - existing users, please see this information.
  • Better compatibility with Squid Proxy based infrastructure.
  • Improved handling of register saving when taking attendance in offline Mode.
  • Added display of ‘Medical Notes’ from SIMS.net in addition to ‘Medical Conditions’ and ‘Dietary Needs’.
  • Various Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements.
  • Support for tablets - Emerge will now display an enhanced screen layout for larger devices to display more information on the screen at any one time.
  • Various Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements.

* Some features require a script update to be applied on the Emerge server in school, if you do not have access to a feature listed here, please speak with the Emerge Administrator in your school. The latest scripts will be automatically updated in accordance with Groupcall's upgrade policy in due course.