Dashboard 2013.6

Groupcall Dashboard is made of multiple components and the most recent release is 2013.6 which made a staged release in w/c 10th June 2013.  The release process for  Groupcall Dashboard is managed centrally as the platform is used by multiple customers including Groupcall Support.

Groupcall Dashboard:

  • Updates to SIF Agent monitoring to display last-request time and and job result
  • Show all SIF GCX references when filtering a Dashboard to SIF-only
  • Minor rendering errors resolved

Groupcall Xporter Heartbeat:

  • Improvements to Heartbeat status communication with Dashboard taking advantage of .net 4 where installed

Groupcall Data Broker Service:

  • XVault data feed
    • Significant scalability enhancements for multi-authority datasets and XVault-to-XVault links
    • Resolve defect resulting in error messages during XVault requests being suppressed
  • RM CMTF integration
    • Proactive improvements to activation process in line with ISO27001 accreditation
      • Xporter CMTF secret now requires school data owner contact to click a link to obtain it within 72 hours of activation
      • Schools without a registered data owner contact are rejected by the platform at receipt
      • Schools that withdraw from the service without notifying Groupcall are now automatically purged after 90 days of non-receipt