Where are Contact Details taken from in G2?

Messenger v5 will use the three key number sections in G2...

Number details are taken from the "Student Details – Pupil and Family" section;

  • The Home telephone numbers are taken from "Student Details – Pupil", the location field is labelled "Home 1" and/or "Home 2" from within the Personal section.
  • Work Numbers are taken from "Family - Parent/Guardian", the location field is labelled "Number", from within the 'Notes' section. 
  • Mobile Numbers are taken from "Family - Parent/Guardian", the location field is labelled "Mobile". 

Assuming that the parental responsibility box has been checked, the Emergency priority order is then read, and the highest priority user details will be used. If there are multiple priority contacts; Mother, Father, Other Family Member/Relative, Messenger v5 will select the contact with the highest priority order with Parental Responsibility and Emergency first. (Priority order takes the form, 1, 2, 3 etc with 1 being the highest).

All numbers are used for Voice calls, but for text calls only one number is used. The system applies the following rules to choose which number;

  • If there is only one mobile number, Messenger v5 will use it.
  • If there are two numbers, it will use the one which has the highest priority order.
  • If there are two numbers and both have the same priority order, Messenger v5 will select the contact details that appear at the top of the 'Pupil Contacts' contact screen list.

Groupcall will also use the following Email address section in Integris...

Email address details will again be selected from the "Family - Parent/Guardian" the location field is labelled "E-Mail".

Similar rules will be applied to email addresses as are applied to the selection criteria for mobile phones.

Location of Fields within G2