Configure the ‘Help Me’ Button in Emerge

Before users can raise a 'Help Me' alarm it's necessary for some configuration to take place. The message text template of the SMS that is sent and the recipients of the SMSs or direct calls need to be specified.

We recommend this is done as soon as possible after installation so that the facility is available in the event that someone needs to raise the alarm.
See the EMC Users Tab guide for help with this if you are unfamiliar with assigning parameters to users. The instructions apply for existing users from step 4 onwards.

From within the Emerge Management Console you will need to assign the 'Config Red Button' user parameter to any user you wish to grant access to configuration rights for this feature. This is applied by default to anyone with the SMT user profile at the time of installation (of the new feature or as a fresh install).

Once you have set the relevant user parameter in the management console a user can now set up the 'Help Me' button from the Emerge app on a device.


Tell me how...

Log in to Emerge and select the 'Help Me' button module;

  1. Select the 'Configure' option from the bottom right of the screen.
    • If a user does not have this option but has the 'Config Red Button' parameter set to 'Yes' in the Management Console they should lock the app on their device and unlock it again to receive updated user settings.
  2. Choose one of the 3 Help categories.
  3. Edit the default 'Message Text' (if required).
  4. Enter a 'Direct Phone' number (if required).
    • The ‘Phone Direct’ option is available to devices with a SIM card and phone functionality.
      • i.e. not Tablets/Media players that may have a SIM card for data but are not capable of making calls.
    • Pressing this option will initiate a call via the mobile phone itself directly to a pre-configured number.
    • You can think of it like a speed dial option.
  5. Select 'Add' to set up the list of SMS destinations.
  6. Either choose a mobile number saved against a staff record,
  7. Or enter a new number by typing it out in full in the 'Search' box and then select the new row that appears to add it to the list of SMS destinations.
    • Once an SMS number has been added to the list of 'SMS Destinations' you can delete it if required by swiping left across the number (on Apple iOS) or making a long press on (Android) to reveal the delete option.
  8. Repeat for the other Help categories as required and then 'Save Changes'.
    • If you wish to limit the categories available to users when raising an alert then you should only configure those you wish to be available to all users.
  9. Any categories that have been configured and saved will now show on the 'Help Me' button screen.
    • The configuration changes will be available to all Emerge users once the device on which the configuration takes place has synced with the Emerge server and all other devices have received those changes back from the server. In reality, this happens overnight but can be forced by logging out and logging back in, or manually clearing databases on devices, as required.