Save SMS Characters – Abbreviations!

Please remember that any text message containing over 160 characters will be sent as two units (but only one text message). Once you exceed 160 characters the text will change to red and you will see the number of units listed.


As well as checking the number of characters you are using and finding ways of shortening the message you send by using less words, are you using abbreviations within your text messages so you can say more?


Here is a list of typical abbreviations that you may find useful:

Abbreviation Meaning Saving Characters
Acad Academy 3
Appt Appointment 7
Cxld Cancelled 5
DM Dinner Money 10
Gov Governor 5
Hld Holiday 4
msg Message 4
Mtg Meeting 4
Paymt Payment 2
Sch School 3
Thx Thanks 3
Wk Week 2

Don't forget to abbreviate your school name too as some school names could take up half of your text message i.e. St Martin's Garden Primary School (33 characters) to: StM Gdn PS (10 characters).

Of course, don't forget to let your parents know your school abbreviation so they know the message is coming from your school!

Have any of you own abbreviations to share? Tweet us and we'll update our list for the benefit of other schools.