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Before school data can be shared with partners, you need to register your school establishment with IDaaS. The sign-up process is straightforward, and this guide will explain how you will arrive at the registration process and what you need to do once you have registered.

Registration Initiation

You will arrive at the registration page from one of two ways:

  • Directly, via: manage.groupcall.com/XodRegister/School
  • You will have been redirected from a partner's link or website, and will be following the OAuth authorise flow process. You will still need to select option to register your school with IDaaS.

Your school will only have to register with IDaaS once. You can then use the Estab Admin credentials you will obtain, to manage data authorisation for any partner that you wish to add in the future.

Registering a School

When you arrive at manage.groupcall.com/XodRegister/School, you will be presented with a search page to help you find the correct details for your school. The search page uses the information currently stored in EduBase to locate the correct school.

School Search

There will be three options that you can search to find your school:

  • School Postcode
  • 7 Character LA / DfE Number
  • School URN

By entering the details for one of these options and then clicking Search, we will find any matching schools and display them in a list below the search options.

You will then need to select the correct school from the list (if more than one is displayed), then click Next.

Your Details

The registration process will now prompt for contact details for the main administrative user. This user should be the person who has main access to the Management Site and will have permission to authorise sharing data to partners.

We need to capture:

  • Name of the person
  • Your email address (To verify you)
  • Your mobile number (To allow self service password resets)

Once you have entered this information and clicked Signup, you will receive an email to verify the email address you have entered.

Email Verification

You will receive an email, containing a verification link, to the address that you entered during registration. When you click on this link, you will be taken back to the registration form where it will confirm that you have successfully verified your email address.

When you click on Signup again, your school will have been registered with IDaaS and the Estab Admin username and password will be displayed on screen.

You will need to make a note of these details as they will be needed to register the Emerge endpoint with XporterOnDemand and also to be able to authorise to share data with partners.

Next Steps

Now you have registered your school, you need to install XporterOnDemand. You will be provided with a link to download the installer, along with instructions to make sure it is carried out on a server (rather than a local workstation).

You will also see a direct link to the Support Team LogMeIn channel, which you can use to immediately request remote assistance during working hours.

If you have arrived at the registration page via a partner authorisation link, you will need to follow that link again, this time using your Estab ID and password to login and complete the data sharing authorisation flow.


Your school account will have been created for Xporter on Demand with a status of Unverified. This means that partners will not be able to request data from the school until we (Groupcall) have checked that this is a legitimate school registration. The expected turnaround for this check is 2 days from point of registration, and a member of Groupcall's onboarding team will call your school to carry out this check.