Technical Contact Details

During the Xporter installation process, Groupcall provides the customer the opportunity to enter in their contact details. We understand the importance of your privacy and this document will help answer any key questions you might have about providing these contact details.

The technical contact details you enter will not be used for marketing purposes, they are considered operational details only.

This is for customers who are using our service, from Xporter v4.1.0.1527 onward.

Table of Contents

Why are Groupcall asking for my contact details?

  • Both Groupcall and our partners want you to have the best possible experience. As such, we can resolve support cases a lot faster if we are able to contact the right person directly.
  • We’d like you to be able to take advantage of future updates that Groupcall have planned for Xporter. Features on the long-term roadmap include automatic notification of extract successes or failures.

Are you storing any other information?

  • We don’t store, or have access to, any other information. This includes any MIS data.

Do I have to enter my technical contact details?

  • There is no requirement to enter your technical contact details in order to install or operate Xporter successfully. This is about enabling a joint and pragmatic approach to promptly resolve support issues for Xporter.
  • Dashboard is a system used by Groupcall and selected Groupcall Partners to operationally monitor and manage their Xporter estates worldwide.
  • Groupcall Dashboard is hosted by Microsoft Azure (Europe North) and is subject to the security information detailed at

How will these details be stored?

  • The school contact details that you enter* will be stored in the Groupcall Dashboard platform.

*We have no requirement for you to enter personal contact details, nor would we encourage you to do so.

Who will be able to see the technical contact details that I provide?

  • We ask for technical contact details to ensure that there is an effective contact route should Xporter require support.
  • However, the privacy of your information is very important. As a result, the contact details that you enter may be visible to:
    • Groupcall
    • Groupcall Partners that have their extract installed on your Xporter installation and are who are also Groupcall Dashboard customers.
    • Groupcall Partners whose SIF Agent is permitted to query your Xporter installation, who are also Groupcall Dashboard customers.
  • The technical contact detail you enter will not be used for marketing purposes, they are considered operational details only.

How do I remove or change my contact details?

  • Your contact details are stored in the Xporter Management Console, under Tokens.
    • To change these details, right click the appropriate Token and select Modify Token.
    • To delete, right click the appropriate Token and select Delete Token.
  • If you make changes to your contact details or delete them, the changes will be reflected within Groupcall Dashboard within 65 minutes, as long as your system is able to contact the Groupcall Dashboard
  • If your system is unable to connect to the Groupcall Dashboard platform then the changes will be passed up within 65 minutes of the connection being re-established.

Are you going to sell my contact details and/or use them for Marketing purposes?

  • The technical contact detail you enter will not be used for marketing purposes, they are considered operational details only.
  • If you feel at any time that the technical contact details you have entered are being used for marketing purposes then please contact Groupcall Support or call 020 8502 7344.

Are Groupcall/Groupcall Partners monitoring my Xporter installation?

  • We do not pro-actively monitor Xporter installations, although our product roadmap does include a level of automated monitoring, repair and notifications. This is likely to be introduced over the next year.
  • Groupcall Partners that use Groupcall Dashboard have the necessary tools to pro-actively monitor your Xporter installation if they wish to do so. However, it is up to individual partners to choose whether to use Dashboard for this purpose.