XVR: Attendance (Chart)


Displays attendance figures for single or multiple schools as a graph or table. Configurable using multiple filters such as school, year etc.


Statistical Meaning Output

  • "Present" Includes: /, \, L (Late arrival before closure of register)
  • "AEA" or "Approved Educational Activity" Includes: B, D, J, P, V, W
  • "Authorised Absence" Includes: C, E, H, I, M, R, S, T
  • "Unauthorised Absence" Includes: G, N, O, U
  • "Admin Codes" Includes: X, Y, Z, # (Not included in total percentage count)
  • "Not Received" Includes: K, -, *  SIF standard translation of a mark not received from the school MIS

Individual Marks Output

  • Present column includes only / and \
  • Late (before closure of register) shown separately as L

Statistical Meaning definitions and code inclusions as described in 2013 Department for Education document: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/school-attendance