XVault Pre-Requisites

This guide covers only the pre-requisites for XVault, for more information regarding the usage of XVault please see the full XVault First Line Guide.

Planning an XVault Deployment

XVault Data Requirements

Any deployment should be driven by the data requirements. Determine which SIF objects you need to collect and how frequently, ensure that they are supported by both Groupcall XVault and Groupcall Xporter.


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XVault - SIF or Non-SIF?

XVault supports both SIF and Non-SIF zones.

In SIF zones you will need to have a work SIF Infrastructure and you will need to use Groupcall Xporter SIF Agent to connect schools to your SIF infrastructure. Using SIF zones allows for easy addition of write-back and event driven functionality in the future.

In Non-SIF zones you do not need a ZIS and can use the Xporter Non-SIF Agent to connect and provide data. Non-SIF Zones are cheaper to deploy but require you to follow the upgrade path to SIF zones before you can take advantage of write-back and event driven functionality.


Hardware, Network, Database and Software Specifications

XVault Server Specification

Groupcall advises setting aside dedicated hardware for the XVault server, and provides the following specification as a basis to build from. Note that specification will change based upon what objects are being requested, how often and whether event subscription is enabled.

The below guidelines are in addition to any OS requirements in order to deliver a reliable experience.

Scenario Installations CPU Cores Processor RAM
Testing Up to 20 schools Single 2GHz+ 1GB
Production Up to 150 schools Two 2.5GHz+ 2GB
Production Over 150 schools Four or more 2.5GHz+ 4GB+

XVault Network Requirements

XVault must be able to contact the following locations in order to operate correctly:

In addition XVault must be able to contact any ZIS specified as a zone, if you have a ZIS you will know what the address of it is.

XVault SQL Configuration

XVault requires that an SQL database is created, typically called XVault, and that it is assigned an SQL user with owner rights to that database.

The SQL server must be configured to support TCP/IP connections, typically via port 1433/tcp

XVault Software Requirements

XVault requires the following software to operate. Groupcall recommends that the SQL server not operate on the same server as XVault.

Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
Apache Tomcat 7.0, which requires a Java runtime
Access to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer using a TCP host:port pair and SQL authentication
Microsoft .net framework 3.5 and 4.0 Extended profile


Preparing for installation

XVault and Xporter

You will need to deploy Xporter to your schools in order to connect them to XVault. Depending on your configuration you will either need Xporter or the Xporter SIF Agent. Either can be installed where the other is already present.

If you have an existing Xporter estate then you may be able to make use of Groupcall Dashboard to facilitate your deployment.

Prior to any Xporter deployment you should consult the Groupcall Xporter First Line User Guide, available here.

XVault Pilot Deployment

Prior to commencing your pilot deployment you should ensure that you have

  • A working SIF Infrastructure, if required.
  • Installed and configured XVault.

Once these steps are completed you can then carry out your pilot Xporter installations and test the data collection. Generally only 3 – 5 schools are required for a pilot deployment.

Deployment Consultancy

Groupcall is happy to provide consultancy services for your XVault deployment.  If you wish to enquire further please contact us.

Next Steps...

If you need any further assistance or get in to any difficulty, then please contact Groupcall Support. If the issue affects Groupcall Partner products you should refer to the support arrangements for that specific Groupcall Partner.

For issues regarding integration with XVault, Groupcall provide consultancy services to assist you in integrating with XVault quickly and efficiently based on your specific needs.  If you’d like to engage these services then please contact your Implementation Consultant or Account Manager.

…And Finally

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