Xpressions School Documentation

Xpressions - Enhanced and Core Services

Please note that there are 2 version of the Xpressions service - Core and Enhanced.

  • Core includes messaging functionality.
  • Enhanced adds additional data to the messaging functionality from the MIS to allow parents a full view of their child's school life.
    • Enhanced MIS data includes - Attendance, Timetables, Behaviour, Achievements, School Calendar, and Assessments (NB not all features supported by all MISs - please refer to this page for more information.)
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 Messages sent via Messenger TilesAutomated 3rd Party event updates2 way messaging from parents to school Messenger account2 way messaging from parents to 3rd PartiesEnhanced MIS dataSupported operating systemsCost
Enhanced Service*
Where supported by selected 3rd Party Partner companies
Data varies by MIS

Please contact us for more information.
Core Service*
Where supported by selected 3rd Party Partner companies
Included at no extra cost with Messenger.


Parental Marketing Support

We have produced some resources for you to use in the roll out of the Xpressions app to your Parental users

Parent Registration Process

See the Parent facing guide detailing how parents can register for an Xpressions user account with Groupcall IDaaS.


Xpressions Enhanced Pre-requisites

If you are using Messenger 5 only with the app then you should be ready for set-up.  Simply fill in the form on "m5preview" and we'll be in touch.

If you have subscribed to the enhanced service that provides extra data to parents you should read this guide.


After Installation

Once you have a working installation on your server, you should refer to this guide



Enabling Assessment in SIMS

See the configuration required in SIMS for Assessment records to display in the Xpressions app.


How to send an Xpression from Messenger

Sending a notification to the app of parent users is simple - it will happen automatically from Wizards, and in Advanced Messaging you simply tick an extra option to select 'Xpressions' as a message format alongside e.g. Email, SMS or Letter etc. Read this guide for more help.