Xporter Transfer and Use of Personal Information

Groupcall Xporter facilitates the extraction of data between MIS and 3rd party systems such as learning platforms, cashless systems, library services and more.

The extent of Personal Information shared with these systems will depend upon each 3rd party’s requirements and you must have an explicit DSA to that effect with each partner.

There are also Groupcall products that use Xporter for data extraction and transfer, each with its own agent.

Groupcall Emerge is an example and we have specific DSAs for this and each of our products.  For more information about other Groupcall products and relevant DSAs please visit http://support.groupcall.com/data-sharing-agreements/ or via the menu at the top of this web page.

Groupcall Xporter Extracts are pre-determined and must be agreed to by the Data Controller prior to being ‘switched on’.  The owner of the system(s) in receipt of Xporter extracts is considered to be the Data Processor.

The Data Processor must have sufficient agreements in place with the Data Controller when using Groupcall Xporter to transport data, including Personal Information.  Schools must ensure that, as Data Controllers, they have the ability to share data in this way and that they consider there to be appropriate measures in place to ensure that the data is held securely and confidentially.

For a more detailed explanation of what constitutes Personal Information and the roles and responsibilities of people responsible for data, please see http://support.groupcall.com/data-privacy-summary/.

Groupcall Xporter is a mechanism for the automated extraction and transport of system data.  Data deltas are cached in Groupcall Xporter for an agreed time period in-line with 3rd party requirements.  Data stored by Xporter includes system logs for audit and restore purposes.  Each Xporter Extract will have a defined set of data fields that it can pull from an application and transport onwards.

Groupcall has taken all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of data, including Personal Information.  We have processes in place, in line with ITILv3 guidance for Continual Service Improvement, to ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to maintain compliance with relevant parts of the 1998 Data Protection Act.