Xporter Installation

In order to download the Xporter application, you will need a link from the Local Authority or Groupcall Partner that is providing Xporter to you. You should have been sent that link along with a request to visit this page. If you don't have it, please check any emails or letters you and colleagues have been sent, and then go back to that organisation to request it. The link you need will look something like this - http://www.groupcall.co.uk/download/Clients/Name/123/GroupcallXporter_Setup.exe

The installation itself is very straightforward, however we have provided a video and some useful step by step instructions that might be of some help.


Download the installation file from the link you have been given, then save and run the file you downloaded as appropriate for your organisation.


Having started the set-up running, you will find it a straightforward process to click through the installer. Accept the default installation points and select “Install”…  GCX_Installer1Welcome
Choose your MIS as appropriate. Then click next or install as appropriate on next few windows.  GCX_Installer3SelectMIS
Enter details of a technical contact.transparent_10x10Why are you asking me for this information? GCX_Installer2TechContact

MIS Specific Installation

The next few windows will change, dependent on the MIS in use. Please follow the instructions in the Blue Box (Groupcall Interactive Support) below for the specific steps.

Confirm that the installation has succeeded by opening the Xporter Management Console - by default this is accessed by an icon on the desktop XporterLogo

...via the default file path (C:\Program Files(x86)\Groupcall\Xporter\Xporter.msc), or via the Start menu > All Programs > Groupcall > Xporter.

The console will then open and you will see a view similar to the one below;XporterOverview

Congratulations, you have completed the installation of Xporter!

You should now inform the Local Authority or Partner who provided Xporter to you that the installation is complete and they will advise you on what to do next.