Xporter for SIMS.net Pre-Requisites

Xporter for SIMS.net requires the SIMS Workstation to be installed on the computer and meet the following requirements:

  • Running the current release of SIMS.net
  • Running the same version as the SIMS SQL database schema
  • Installed on a local fixed disk
  • Be able to log in to SIMS
    • Using a dedicated SIMS user account for Xporter with the following permissions:
      Term: Dedicated SIMS user account.
      Definition: An account in SIMS specifically set-up for the sole purpose of allowing Xporter to access the SIMS data.
      Notes: A regular user account should not be used as this is subject to password expiry/changes which would then render Xporter unable to access the SIMS data thus preventing any dependent systems from syncing. We recommend using an account with the user name "groupcall" and a suitably strong password of your choice - see this video for a demo of the process.
      • Personnel Officer
      • School Administrator
      • Senior Management Team
      • Third Party Reporting
  • Be able to pass the Document Server connection test.