Where are contact details taken from in Progresso

Groupcall will use two key number sections in Progresso.

Contact details are identified by first selecting a record from the "People, Learner" section:


  1. Progresso_PrimaryEmergencyContactOnce a Learner has been selected, you will then be able to identify the ‘Primary Emergency Contact’.
    • If there are multiple priority contacts; Mother, Father, Other Family Member/Relative, Groupcall will select the contact that is identified as the "Primary Emergency Contact".
    • This is located within the Learner Contact Details dialogue.
  2. The Home telephone number is taken from "Learner Contact", the location field is labelled "Home".
    • This is used for Voice calls only.
  3. Mobile Numbers are taken from "Learner Contact", the location field is labelled "Mobile".
    • This can be used for SMS and Voice calls.


Groupcall will also use the following Email address section in Progresso:

  • Email address details will again be selected from the "Learner Contact Details" section, the location field is labelled "Personal Email".