What is the difference between XVault Non-SIF and XVault SIF?

Non-SIF XVault allows adoption of the XVault software without the requirement to also invest in a SIF Infrastructure, it is fully forwards compatible with the SIF version but some of the advanced features of XVault require a SIF infrastructure to operate.

*Subject to destination MIS, use of Groupcall Xporter SIF Agent and SIF Infrastructure.  Additional licenses apply.

XVault Non-SIF SIF
Data Objects Supported  See "XVault Supported Read/Write SIF Data Objects" below See "XVault Supported Read/Write SIF Data Objects" below
Request / Response  Yes Yes
SIF Events  No Yes
SIF Attendance Write-Back  No Yes*
SIF Free School Meal Write-Back  No Yes*
Web Service Access  Yes Yes
SQL Database Access  Yes Yes


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