What is Groupcall IDaaS?

Groupcall IDaaS is an ‘as-a-service’ cloud identity management, identity provider, single sign-on and application provisioning service, for individuals in the education sector.

Groupcall IDaaS is highly scalable, highly resilient and secure.

The ethos behind the development of Groupcall IDaaS is akin to a utility service like water, power and communications:

  • simple to use,
  • compatible through the use of open and industry standards,
  • as well as always on.

Our IDaaS solution has been built from the ground-up as a completely fresh and innovative approach to identity management and single sign-on, with the added benefit of application provisioning.

We have considered the many pitfalls of traditional identity management implementations, together with a significant number of requirements and use cases taken from existing large-scale deployments.

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Groupcall IDaaS provides Identity-as-a-Service for individuals in the education sector, whether students, staff or parents.  It steps away from what a classic Identity Manager delivers and instead takes a fresh look at what a modern identity platform can do when it sets aside the complexities and legacies of a classic identity manager, providing the critical 80% of functionality that modern cloud-based collaborative learning products deliver, without the complexity and bloat required for the remaining 20% of barely used functionality.

Groupcall IDaaS is designed to keep things as simple and flexible for users as possible, putting them in full control of their identity but keeping it up to date via data entered into one or more school systems.

Groupcall IDaaS supports forward provisioning to other third party cloud-based products by providing both user and school information and identity to those systems as they require.  The specific detail of what is transferred will depend on the third party products(s) that you are using IDaaS to forward provision and is covered in a specific data sharing agreement for each third party product we support.  IDaaS is cleverly designed to dynamically adjust the data it requests from your school based on the requirements of the third party systems that it is forward provisioning to.