Usage Report

You can monitor your school’s usage of SMS, emails and voice messages through the usage reports page.
Messenger v5 provides a breakdown of messages sent across your chosen date range (by default over the current month) and allows you to export this information to Excel for further analysis should this be required.

From within the Tools -> Usage Report page, enter the dates required that you’d like to review and click ‘GO’. You can then see the number of Emails, SMSs, SMS units and Voice Minutes sent per day.










If you would like to perform further analysis, such as creating graphs and charts or for eventual importing into another system (e.g. accounting), you can export the data to an excel spreadsheet. This is done using the 'Export to Excel' button.

How can this report help my school?

You can use the report to identify areas to make key savings and to get an idea of how much the system is being used. Viewing the report regularly may be of use to senior members of staff who do not necessarily send messages all that often, but would like to know that Messenger v5 is being used and is of benefit.

One key way to identify savings would be to look at the SMS count and SMS unit columns together. If for example 5 SMS messages were sent, but 15 units were used, that would indicate that each message used 3 SMS units each time (i.e. the message went over the threshold for SMS character limits by a factor of 3).

In the example report below, you can see that on the 24th June the unit count is much higher, so we could guess that a long message was sent on 3 occasions. Whereas on the 25th the unit count is only marginally higher suggesting that only 1 of the messages was a long one.

Date Email Count SMS Count SMS Units Voice Minutes
24/06/14 2 3 15 0
25/06/14 2 3 4 0

This can be reduced from happening regularly by ensuring SMS messages are short and concise and use abbreviations where possible. You can always send a longer email to accompany the SMS message or a link to online information. You can get more information from the History and Response centre on individual messages, for example looking up the long messages from the 24th to see what was sent, who sent it and then talking to that user to see if savings could be made. Encourage user to take note of the Message Costing Summary when composing messages.

Don't forget to tweet copies of suitable messages - twitter provides a free and easy way of contacting more people at once!

If you find that users are sending very high unit messages, you may like to enable the Message Count Pin functionality with a lower threshold than the default 1000.