Sending a Message from a Mobile Device

Did you know that you can use Messenger v5 to send messages from your mobile device?

Being web-based means that the Messenger v5 system can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Whilst some administrative functions are best suited to the desktop/laptop environment, sending a message in an emergency or when on the move can be done very easily from your mobile device.

To send a message from your mobile device, simply follow the steps below:
  • Open the Internet browser and enter the address
    • Why not save the login page as a favourite, bookmark or icon to your phone's homescreen for quick access in the future? Have a look on Google if you are unsure how to do this.
    • The behaviour of the following pages is very similar to that which you will be familiar with on your computer, however so that everything fits nicely on the smaller screen they will look a little different.


  • Login as you normally would at your computer.
  • Choosing the "Quick Send SMS Message" option will take you straight in to the select recipients screen.
    • The full M5 site as seen on a mobile phone!

      2 pages from the full M5 site as seen on a mobile phone!

      You can use the "Messenger home page" option to perform the full tasks you will find on your computer, however you will notice that the buttons are quite small. 

  • Choose the appropriate "Send To" option.
  • Choose a suitable Group (this may have sub-groups and involve several screens such as in the example of All > Staff / Students
 M5_Mobile_Groups M5_Mobile_Groups2
  • When you have selected your list of recipients you will be presented with the Message Library from where you can choose any pre-saved message.
    • Why not take this opportunity to make sure your message library is up to date to simplify future emergency or urgent message sends?
  •  From here you can either edit the message or send it.
  • You will see confirmation of the message having been sent; return to the main menu to send a new message or logout.

CONGRATULATIONS! You can now use your mobile device to send a message.