SEEMIS Data Export – Attendance

To make use of the Attendance group functionality in Messenger v5, you will need to export Attendance data from Click n' Go.

We recommend performing this task twice daily to ensure you have up to date attendance information in the Messenger system - the ideal time to do this would be shortly after morning registration has taken place and again following afternoon registration. This will allow you to contact parents of students who fail to attend for either morning or afternoon sessions. In reality you can perform this task as often or as little as you feel suitable, bearing in mind that the groups accessible to you in Messenger v5 will depend on how recently the export/import was carried out.
The date and report period you select will be dependent on the last time you exported attendance data and the specific set-up for your LA.
Some examples;

It is now after registration on Wednesday afternoon, you last exported data on Wednesday morning after registration.

  • Select today's date (Wednesday) and the Period which relates to your afternoon session (e.g. 9).
    • Save this file with a suitable date/time as the file name - e.g. '20121203_13.15_Att.txt'.

It is now after registration on Thursday afternoon, you forgot to export data this morning, but did export it yesterday afternoon.

  • First select Today's date (Thursday) and the period which represents your morning session (e.g. 1).
    • Save this file with a suitable date/time as the file name - e.g. '20121204_09.15_Att.txt'.
  • Now repeat the export for the afternoon session (Today's date with a Report period of e.g. 9).
    • Save that file with a suitable date/time as the file name - e.g. '20121204_14:05_Att.txt'.

From within Click n' Go;

  1. Select ‘Print to File’ to export Attendance Information.
  2. Select the report date and period.
  3. Confirm by selecting 'Ok'.

In the 'Save As...' window that opens, Navigate to a suitable folder on the workstation running Click n' Go.

Here, give the Export a Name (such as the date and time of Export for ease of access, e.g. '20121203_14:05_Att') and select either csv or txt from the 'Save As Type' drop-down under the file-name box.

Click Save.