‘Real-Time’ School Data Requests

Messenger v5 supports real-time contact and attendance requests for a range of MIS products.  These requests can be initiated via the Messenger v5 user interface by authorised logged in users, and the incoming data response is processed in the same way as a normal scheduled import/upload of data.

Cloud-hosted MIS products

Messenger v5 will schedule an immediate synchronisation with the Cloud-hosted MIS.  Depending on platform workload and MIS responsiveness this will take an amount of time to process before refreshed data is shown to the user logged into Messenger v5.

You should be aware that some MIS products apply a low priority to daytime data requests and/or return ‘cached’ data from earlier in the day.

School-hosted MIS products

As with data writeback, a request will be queued for the school in Groupcall Dashboard.  When the Xporter installation in the school picks up this action,  typically within 5 – 10 minutes of being queued, the Xporter installation will run the Messenger v5 extract after any current extractions complete and will upload after it completes running the Messenger v5 extract.  This means it may take 30 minutes or more for new data to appear in Messenger v5.

Manually integrated MIS products

Manually integrated customers are free to upload new CSV data extracted from their MIS at any time.

SIF enabled data sources

For SIF enabled data sources Messenger v5 will queue SIF_Request for the necessary data objects to the ZIS Zone URL.  When the provider agent responds to these requests they will be imported into Messenger v5.