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June 4, 2018

Originally posted: 07 February 2017

At Groupcall, we remain committed to ironing out the inevitable bugs that appear in software, to ensure you get the best experience from our products.

The latest batch of bug fixes includes:

  • Partner Sidebar – The sidebar will now persist when you are using the partner items or are in a partner application such as Parents’ Evening Booking System, ParentPaperWork or PayOurSchool.
  • Xpressions Attachments – Fixed an issue that was preventing attachments from appearing in Xpressions.
  • Data Quality Reports – Added a new set of Data Quality Reports to show contacts that have had SMS messages fail to deliver or emails that have bounced (allowing schools to check up on their data).
  • Xpressions Delivery Wording – With the recent changes of how we track Xpressions messages, we have made the Xpressions and SMS delivery status more self-explanatory.
  • Local Authority Saved Groups – Fixed an issue with Saved Groups not appearing for Local Authority customers.

Naturally, we hope that you never come across any bugs, but if you do, please feel free to raise it with us by getting in touch at

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