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The Licence of the Product shall be on the terms of the Netmedia Terms and Conditions which shall be deemed to be incorporated into any Quotation. By their use of the Product, Customers accept the Netmedia Terms and Conditions. A Customer’s sole rights and remedies associated with the use of the Product are restricted to those set out in the Netmedia Terms and Conditions as annexed hereto and as varied from time to time. Please view the terms and conditions available here.

In addition to and in support of the above, the following documents are also available.


Data Protection Policy


Data Transfer Agreement


MIS Integration

Select your MIS below to see information regarding data upload options.


SIMS, using Groupcall Xporter Facility iSAMS Bromcom
SIMS, using csv upload Progresso WCBS Pass Any Other Databases - All other databases have the option to use a pre-defined spreadsheet upload format.

See ‘Upload Data’ page in Parents’ Evening Booking System.

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Quick Start Guide

PEBS Quick Start Guide

PEBS Quick Start Guide