New Contacts – The Messenger v5 Address Book

The Address Book is used for adding recipients who are not and should not otherwise be included in your source database. They are normally used for additional people who you may need to keep informed in the case of an emergency or updated in general, but are not usually a direct part of your school. Contacts who join the organisation and therefore would be part of your normal database, should be added at the data source (e.g. the MIS) and automatically updated through the integration schedule.

It is essential to keep data in the correct location to prevent it becoming unmanaged or out of date. An example of this may be Governors.

For external governors you should add them to the address book in Messenger v5, as they have no natural ‘home’ in the MIS (e.g. they are not a member of staff as such), but you may like to text or email them alongside other contacts. A Staff Governor however would reside in the MIS as they are a member of staff therein (Parent Governors also are covered by this category as they would be linked with their child). You would then simply create a Governor’s group allowing you to select all governors together, regardless of where their data resides.

To add a contact who would not normally be included in your organisation’s contact database;M5_Add_Contact_Address_Book

  • Click ‘Add to Address Book’ on the main 'send message' screen.
  • In the boxes, complete all the details you have for the new contact.
    • Surname is a compulsory field.
  • Click ‘Add to Address Book’.