You can login below to the 'MyGroupcall' area of our Self-Service Portal to see a list of your open cases, log a new case, and view old cases to access supporting resources specific to that issue.

MyGroupcall - Login




  1. Login above.
    • Once requested by your Groupcall Administrator, your username and password will be sent to you on email; "Subject: ‘MyGroupcall’ login details".
    • If you do not have a username, please speak to the Groupcall Administrator for your organisation.
    • If you know your username, but have forgotten your password, please ask your Groupcall Administrator to get in touch with us.
  2. Any active cases (i.e. cases currently marked as 'Open' in our case management system) will show on your home page.
    • You will see any cases related to your organisation, including those logged by colleagues.
    • Please check open and closed cases before logging a new case to see if has already been logged. You can then see updates on the issue in one location. You may like to add a comment to an existing case to help us resolve your issue, e.g. some notes on an additional occurrence.
  3. Any solutions relevant to your estate will be shown on your home page - have a look and see if there are any resources that can help you.
    • Our support team are ready and eager to help you resolve your issue, but you may find a simple quick fix detailed here or a link to user documentation that will mean you can resolve your own issue without waiting for a response.
  4. If the issue has not been resolved by a previous case or a solution, you can log a new case.
    • Please include as much detail as possible, including the Groupcall Product affected, the impact on usage, the number of users/schools affected and any information that will help us diagnose the issue - you can paste log excerpts in the description field.
    • If there is an alternative contact, for example a contact at the school, please provide their details in the 'Case Contact Detail' field. Failing to do so will result in a delay as we will call you directly if no alternative is provided.


If you still need assistance, please Contact Us.