Messenger v5 – School Account Configuration


Below are the most common tasks you need to know if you are an administrator in Messenger v5 and wish to set up the main account settings, either as a new customer or to make changes in the future. We have more in depth guides available that cover other areas of administration in Messenger v5.

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How do I know if I am an administrator?

Admin Tools Menu

When you are logged in as an Admin user you will see the following tools menu;

Some items, such as User Preferences and Release Notes, are available to all users.

Main Account Settings

Account Settings

The account settings page allows you to control various settings relating to your school's instance of Messenger v5. In this section we cover each of the options. The page you see may appear differently to the screenshot and options described below depending on your specific account configuration.

 Rows highlighted in blue below should not be changed without prior advice from Groupcall.

Option Name Description (& Examples)
Email From (Name) The name shown when an email is received.Green Abbey School

This should be representative of the school or organisation in general unless you want emails to originate from e.g. the head for a more personal touch.

Email Reply-To The address that emails will go to when replied

This could be a centrally monitored email address, such as or a named email address such as

SMS Sender The name shown when an SMS is received.

This will show in place of a name or phone number on the recipients mobile phone. We recommend you don't change this as most parents are used to receiving a 'Groupcall' message.

SMS Header Typically a shortened version of the school name is used by default and shows at the start of an SMS message to identify its source.GA Sch

This can be over ridden when composing a message on a message-by-message basis if needed.

This will take up some of the 160 characters allowed in an SMS so try to shorten it as much as possible.

Country Code The prefix used for the phone number in the country you are in.

In the UK this is 44 by default and shouldn’t be changed.

Please contact us if you believe you need to change this.

Timezone Offset Used for setting the timezone when using date stamps on messages.

Choose the setting appropriate to the location from which messages will be sent for consistency. Typically this will be GMT, however in certain circumstances international time zones may be needed.

Please contact us if you believe you need to change this.

API Key The key that’s used to exchange the information between the school's MIS and Messenger v5 when Xporter is not being used.

Please contact us if you believe you need an API key and find this field not populated. Altering any existing value may break integration and cause loss of service.

Can Edit Imported Contacts If checked this allows users (with relevant permission) to edit contacts that have been imported via CSV or from Xporter.

Please contact us if you believe you need to use this function. See Editing Contact Details for more information but we recommend caution if enabling this function.

Number of messages sent before PIN is required To prevent huge numbers of message inadvertently going out to recipients and as extra security, Messenger v5 can set the number of messages (SMSs + emails + voice messages) that can be sent before a PIN code is required.

Enter the messages limit here, default is 1000.

In order to enable this you will need to confirm your email address first.

Enable CACI If you are using CACI, clicking this will allow CACI to send messages on your behalf.

Please contact us if you believe you need to use this function.

Enforce password change ? Checking this box will force users to change their password every 30 days.
Password strength Select from "Any", "Medium", "Strong" and "Very Strong" to specify how secure users passwords may be. Users will not be able to set a password that does not meet the minimum criteria. Please see our guide on strong password selection for more information.Any - As long as the password is a minimum of 8 characters, not other restrictions are placed, however users will be warned if their password is unsafe (for example they choose "password" as their password!).

Medium, Strong and Very Strong will require users to use increasing combinations of length, numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters.

We do not recommend setting this to anything less than "Strong", but it can be set to any of the options at the school's discretion.


Password policy Select from "New password must be different to the old password" or "Password must be different to last 5 passwords". When "Enforce password change?" is checked, this will prevent users from recycling passwords too frequently.
Voice calling Select from "Voice call the first number only" or "Voice call all numbers" Voice call the first number only - Any messages configured to be sent as voice messages will be sent only to the first number in a contact's record. Numbers are stored in the order "Home" first and then "Work". If a contact has both a Home and a Work number saved then the message will be sent only to their Home number, if however they have only a Work number saved, the message will be sent to their Work number as that is the first in the list.Voice call all numbers - Any messages configured to be sent as voice messages will be sent to all numbers in a contact's record.

This setting will be used in conjunction with the SMS & Voice Routing option.

SMS & Voice Routing Select from "SMS priority over Voice", "Voice priority over SMS" or "Send both SMS and Voice" SMS priority over Voice - If both SMS and Voice are selected as message formats, any contact that has a phone number with the type "mobile"will receive an SMS and any contact that does not have a mobile number will receive a voice message on their alternative (e.g. Home or Work) number as controlled by the "Voice Calling" setting.Voice priority over SMS - The opposite of SMS priority; i.e. any contact that does not have a Home or Work number will receive an SMS. If all contacts have Home or Work numbers, no SMS messages will be sent as they will all receive a voice call.

Send both SMS and Voice - Contacts will receive both message formats. This should be used sparingly, perhaps only in the case of emergencies to maximise message receipt, so that recipients do not feel spammed and to keep message costs down. If there was a school emergency, you could temporarily enable this option to send an emergency message that would more likely reach all recipients and then revert to default after the message is sent.

Contacts that have no numbers at all will be identified in the Select Recipients screen.

Is SEEMIS ? If you are using the scottish MIS SEEMIS, this option should be checked to enable the appropriate data extraction.
Auto Sync Contacts (Schools Only) Some schools have their information imported via SIF (System Interoperability Framework). In these cases your settings will be configured by Groupcall. This setting is also used if your MIS is e1 or Progresso. Please contact us if you believe you need to use this function.
Enable WisePay integration If you have subscribed to Wisepay clicking this option will allow you to enter details in your User Settings to connect to Wisepay.

Please contact Wisepay Support for this information as Groupcall are unable to access user details for Wisepay.

Show Registration in student names? Adds the students registration group after their name in brackets.

Ben Abbot (9A)

To provide greater clarity over students.

Allow edit Templates during message compose? Block or Allows the editing of Letter templates at the time of message composition.

If this option is unchecked then user will have to edit templates via the Tools > Manage Letter Templates page; access to that page requires the appropriate user role to be allocated.

Contact Details Specifying details here makes that information available to templates and tokens throughout the system and ensures that your details are always up to date and in a format approved by the school. School Logo - upload a copy of your school logo. We recommend that it is a maximum of 350 x 350 pixels wide to prevent it taking up too much space on letterheads etc. Can be inserted into messages or templates using $schoollogo$.

Head Teacher Name - The name of the Head Teacher as you wish it to be displayed. For example you could enter Lawrence Royston or Lawrence Royston NPQH BA (hons) etc. Can be inserted into messages or templates using $headteachername$.

School Address - The school address as you wish it to appear. You can optionally include the school website here if you prefer either on its own or in addition to the postal address; e.g. 201 Estate High Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 5BJ Can be inserted into messages or templates using $schooladdress$.

School Phone Number - The school phone number as you wish it to appear. You could include multiple numbers if appropriate e.g. 020 85 027 344 / 345. Can be inserted into messages or templates using $schoolphone$.

Link to Twitter Click the 'Link to Twitter' button in Messenger to enter your Twitter credentials and link to your school Twitter account.

If you need to change the twitter account in the future, you can click the red 'x' to disable one account before clicking 'Link to Twitter' again to add a new account.

For more details see the section on setting up Twitter Integration.


SMS and Voice Routing

SMS & Voice Routing

By default voice messages will be sent only to contacts that do not have a mobile phone number – i.e. if a contact has both a landline and a mobile phone number, SMS will take priority over Voice messages. However this can be changed by an administrator on the account settings page.

Make sure your are logged in as an administrative user with access to the account settings page and then;

  1. Go to Tools >  Account Settings.
  2. Scroll to "SMS & Voice Routing" and click the drop-down arrow.
  3. When you have selected the appropriate option (explained below), be sure to click 'Submit' to save the new setting.



You can choose between;

  • SMS Priority over Voice,
    • the default option, voice messages will be sent only to contacts that do not have a valid mobile phone number.
  • Voice priority over SMS,
    • SMS messages will be sent only to contacts that do not have a landline phone number.
  • Send both SMS and Voice,
    • all contacts with both mobile and landline numbers will receive messages twice as both a voice message and an SMS.
    • We advise caution when using this feature as the costs will increase as each contact will receive 2 messages, and some contacts may find this rather frustrating.
    • We recommend this setting is only used for emergencies, to maximise the chances of contacts getting emergency information, and then reverted to a single route.


Next Steps...

If you need any further assistance or get in to any difficulty, please contact your School Administrator. Alternatively, they can contact Groupcall Support on your behalf.

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