Messenger v5 Administrator Documentation

If you are an existing customer of Messenger v5, the following topics may help you set up and manage the system. Please note most functions detailed here require you to use an account with the administrator role enabled.

If you are not an Administrator of Messenger v5, and simply want to send a message or perform other similar tasks, please see the Messenger v5 User Documentation page.
Main Account Settings


Reset another user's password


Managing Users


Where are contact details taken from in my MIS?

Where are contact details taken form in my MIS?

At the end of our guide to preparing your MIS for parental engagement when using Groupcall products such as Messenger v5, there is some information regarding specifc MISs.

Data Synchronisationsync
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New to Messenger v5?

If you are not yet a Messenger v5 customer the following topics will help you prepare for installation or to learn more prior to becoming a customer.

Prepare for messenger v5 - Pre-RequisitesPre-Reqs Data Security
Installing Xporter


Prepare your MIS for Messenger

Prepare your MIS

As a new Messenger customer we recommend you visit our MIS preparation page to ensure you are getting the most from your MIS data ready for when Messenger is installed.



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