Message Formats – ‘Send Via:’

Principal Formats

SMS and Email are widely used by both Messenger and Emerge as well as certain other Groupcall Products.



Sent to mobile phones only.

  • If the phone number type/location is not set as ‘mobile’ in the MIS, Messenger v5 and Emerge will not recognise that number as a valid SMS recipient, even if it is the number for a mobile phone.


Sent to ‘proper’ email addresses in the format ID@domain.tld (e.g., etc).

  • If the email is not in a valid format the system will not include that address in the list.
  • If the system encounters an error with an email address that is properly formatted, but is not legitimate (i.e. does not exist), the message will be sent by Messenger v5/Emerge, but later rejected by the receiving domain. This is default behaviour for any email message and is not specific to Groupcall Products and is also true for any other receiving errors such as a full inbox.


Auxiliary Formats
Additionally Messenger v5 also supports Voice and Letter as outlined below;


Voice Messages

Sent to any phone number, mobile or landline, as a pre-recorded or text to speech message from Messenger v5. You can record the message through our telephone call record service so that recipients hear a familiar human sounding voice. This process is covered in detail in our Messenger v5 Voice User Guide.

By default voice messages will be sent only to contacts that do not have a mobile phone number - i.e. if a contact has both a landline and a mobile phone number, SMS will take priority over Voice messages. However this is a customisable option in the admin area.


The eLetters functionality allows Messenger to either:

  • Produce a copy of SMS or Email messages as a printed letter for any contacts without relevant contact details for seamless side-by-side communication.
  • Produce a traditional letter for whole school distribution for those occasions in which a traditional printed approach is more suitable than email etc.