Message Costing Summary

M5.2_Approx_CostingWhen selecting contacts, you will see a pop up window displaying an approximate cost for the message(s) being sent. This is based on the message formats selected, the number of contacts (including message frequency) and the chosen message priority. You will see a new pop-up summary every time you change a contact selection option - i.e. if you choose a new group, the summary will re-calculate and adjust to the larger/smaller contact list accordingly. To hold the pop up on the screen click on the pin in the top right hand corner. Click off to remove.

Please Note: The costings used are approximate and may differ based on your subscription; they are provided to give an indication of cost only and should not be taken as 100% accurate. The summary only shows SMS units and voice minutes as emails incur no charge. For more information on the costs per SMS/voice minute please contact us.