Link Messenger v5 to Twitter

In order to take advantage of the Twitter integration features of Messenger v5, the school's Messenger account needs to be linked to a valid Twitter account - usually the school's Twitter account, but any suitable account can be used as you see fit!

The process to link Messenger v5 to a valid Twitter account is quite straightforward as the steps below will highlight.

From within the Account Settings Page;

  1. Click the 'Link to Twitter' Button.
  2. Accept the confirmation message by clicking 'Ok'.


You will now be re-directed to Twitter to enter credentials for the Twitter account with which you wish to integrate.

Once you have entered the Twitter credentials, select 'Authorize App', after which you will see a confirmation message displayed briefly before being returned to the Messenger v5 Twitter Integration page.

If in the future you wish to link with a different Twitter Account simply unlink the existing one by pressing the red 'x' in the account settings next to the Twitter account name and repeat the above steps. This will also be required if you change the Twitter password.