Integris G2 – How to Create a Web Service User Account

This information has been provided to assist with setting up the G2 user required for Messenger v5 and selected third-party integrated systems powered by Xporter. It details steps relating specifically to Integris G2. If you have any difficulty you should speak to RM directly.

From within the Integris G2 user interface for your school, log in as an administrative user.

Step 1: Add a staff member

  1. Select General > Staff Details.
  2. Click the Add icon.
  3. In the 'Add Staff - Personal' window, complete the compulsory below fields as indicated;
      • Surname
        • 'Service'
      • First Name
        • 'Web'
      • Date of Birth
        • can be 'yesterday' or an arbitrary date in the past.
      • Joining Date
        • can be 'today' or an arbitrary date in the past.
      • Leaving date
        • can be 'today' or a an arbitrary date in the future.
      • SWF Census Category
        • Select 'Out of Scope of SWF Census'.

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  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Yes for the 'You have not specified a Staff Code' prompt. The new staff record will then be saved.


Step 2: Create a new role

  1. Select System Management > Define User Roles.
  2. Check the current list of roles available.
  3. If there is already a VLE role then please move to "Step 3: Create a new user account".
    • Hint: Roles are shown in alphabetical order
  4. Click the Add icon.
  5. In the Add Role window, in the Role tab, fill in the Role Name and Description fields, as indicated;
    • Role Name
      • "VLE"
    • Description
      • "VLE Integration"
    • Active
        • Must be ticked.

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  6. Click the Assign Privileges tab.
  7. Complete the fields as indicated;
    • Modules
      • select 'CORE' from the drop-down menu.
    • Sub Modules
      • select 'SCHOOL' from the drop-down menu.
    • Functions
      • select SCH_Q_SchoolView from the drop-down menu.
  8. In the centre pane, under Assigning Roles, click the Add button.
    • "SCH_Q_SchoolView" should now appear in the Assigned Functions list.

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  9. Click 'Save'. You will be returned to the Define User Roles screen.
  10. Click Close.

Step 3: Create a new user account

From within System Management > User Management;

  1. Click the Add User icon.
  2. In the Add User window complete the fields as indicated
    • Staff Member
      • click the magnifying glass icon and find the staff member created earlier by entering the surname 'Service' (or the one you used in the 'Surname' field earlier) and click Find.
      • Click the staff member, Mr Web Service, and then click Select.
      • You will be returned to the Add User screen.
    • User ID
      • Enter the User ID as "WebServices<NNNN>", where <NNNN> is your schools DfES number, e.g. "WebServices9999".
    • Web Services box
        • Must be ticked.
        • This enables or disables web service access for this user account. You want it enabled at present in order to allow integration to take place, however in the future you can disable the user to prevent Messenger integration from taking place. Please advise the Groupcall Support Team if you do this so they know that integration has been disabled deliberately.

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  3. Click the Roles tab and assign the Role you created earlier (in this example, 'VLE') using the Add button and click Save.
  4. The role should now appear in the Assigned Roles list.

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  5. Make a note of the user id you have created.
    • For Example: 'Webservices9999'.

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Step 4: Changing the default password of the user

As the user will have been created with a default password, "jan1", we advise you to change the password for security reasons as follows:

  1. Log out of your current Integris session.
  2. Log on as the 'WebServicesnnnn' user you created with the password "jan1".
  3. You will then be prompted to change the password.
  4. In the Old Password field, type "jan1".
  5. In the New Password field, enter a new password, being sure to make a temporary note of the what you have chosen.
    • See our How to Ensure a Strong Password guide to make your password as secure as possible. This guide relates to Messenger v5 specifically, but you may find it useful for G2 also.
    • If you have to write the new password down, do so privately or securely and be sure to destroy the password as soon as you have given it to Groupcall.
  6. In the Confirm New Password field, re-enter the same password.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Log out of Integris.

You will now need to provide these details to Groupcall to provide integration of Integris G2/S2 with your Messenger system. Your Groupcall Administrator can contact us to give the password over the phone.


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