Installing the XVault Application

Once you have met pre-requisites and prepared the configuration, you are ready to install the XVault application. Groupcall will likely carry this out for you, however the process is outlined below for reference.

    1. Download the latest Groupcall XVault Installer, you will need to contact your Groupcall Account Manager for the download location.
    2. Run the installer, ensuring that you set the correct Tomcat version number in the installation path.
    3. The installer will stop Apache Tomcat, upgrade or install XVault then restart Apache Tomcat.
*XVault supports the current version and the previous version of most leading web browsers.
  1. Open your browser* and navigate to the default URL - http://localhost:8080/Groupcall/.
    • Login with the user credentials you set in
    • If you encounter any errors then please refer to the troubleshooting section.
  2. Once logged in you can continue to Configuring a new XVault installation.