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If you need some help logging in to any platform powered by Groupcall IDaaS, you will find some FAQs below.

What systems use Groupcall IDaaS?

There are a number of third party systems that use Groupcall IDaaS (Groupcall IDaaS provides Identity-as-a-Service for individuals in the education sector, whether students, staff or parents).

If you are not sure you have come to the right place, please ask your school administrator directly.

What is IDaaS?

What is Groupcall IDaaS?

Groupcall IDaaS is an ‘as-a-service’ cloud identity management, identity provider, single sign-on and application provisioning service, for individuals in the education sector.

Groupcall IDaaS is highly scalable, highly resilient and secure.

The ethos behind the development of Groupcall IDaaS is akin to a utility service like water, power and communications:

  • simple to use,
  • compatible through the use of open and industry standards,
  • as well as always on.

Our IDaaS solution has been built from the ground-up as a completely fresh and innovative approach to identity management and single sign-on, with the added benefit of application provisioning.

We have considered the many pitfalls of traditional identity management implementations, together with a significant number of requirements and use cases taken from existing large-scale deployments.

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Groupcall IDaaS provides Identity-as-a-Service for individuals in the education sector, whether students, staff or parents.  It steps away from what a classic Identity Manager delivers and instead takes a fresh look at what a modern identity platform can do when it sets aside the complexities and legacies of a classic identity manager, providing the critical 80% of functionality that modern cloud-based collaborative learning products deliver, without the complexity and bloat required for the remaining 20% of barely used functionality.

Groupcall IDaaS is designed to keep things as simple and flexible for users as possible, putting them in full control of their identity but keeping it up to date via data entered into one or more school systems.

Groupcall IDaaS supports forward provisioning to other third party cloud-based products by providing both user and school information and identity to those systems as they require.  The specific detail of what is transferred will depend on the third party products(s) that you are using IDaaS to forward provision and is covered in a specific data sharing agreement for each third party product we support.  IDaaS is cleverly designed to dynamically adjust the data it requests from your school based on the requirements of the third party systems that it is forward provisioning to.




About Emerge for Parents (2)

How secure is Emerge for Parents?

In short; it's really secure. Just like your bank or other Apps used for sensitive information. Information sent to your App is scrambled and can only be read by a system with a valid set of credentials to unscramble that data. That being said, it's your responsibility to ensure your login details remain confidential. If you believe your password is compromised, you should change it straight away.

Tell me more...

Emerge for Parents shares the same underlying structure as the award winning service that allows Teachers and Support staff in schools to access student data on the move - Emerge for Schools by Groupcall.

Emerge for Schools is an App which enables schools to have an up-to-the-minute copy of their MIS data instantly and securely available in the palm of their hand. Emerge for Schools is installed across an estate of approximately 10,000 devices in the United Kingdom. Emerge for Schools is the solution for users to access information when and wherever it is needed i.e. in an emergency where the school system may be down or access to the school is restricted, thus ensuring staff and student safety is paramount at all times.

Emerge comprises of two elements or ‘pieces’ of software. The Emerge Device software (the App) and the Emerge Server software installed in the school or in a local authority. This is the same as Emerge for Parents.

The data from the device is wirelessly synchronised with the school’s MIS and Emerge ensures that the data is always up-to-date, whether it be in a classroom, at home, or any situation where access to a school system is needed. The attendance data is updated on a regular basis.

Data is transported bi-directionally between the Emerge Service and school MIS. Emerge then communicates securely with registered Emerge enabled devices. All data is secured in motion using industry standard encryption. Groupcall Emerge accesses the school MIS system using credentials that you provide to it and cannot access it without them. Emerge enabled devices use industry standard AES-128 bit encryption to secure data at the user and device level.

Your data’s point of origin remains in the controlling system - i.e. the school system. Data is cached in Emerge for an agreed time period – this may vary for the different sets of information. If the Emerge app is not accessed for a set period of time (the default is 5 days), the encrypted data is inaccessible until the user provides valid login details.

A Use of Data policy is provided for schools to ensure that, as data controllers they have the ability to share data, and that they consider there to be appropriate measures in place, ensuring that the data is held securely and confidentially. The document, available to schools, sets out how Groupcall supports these objectives. Groupcall and its suppliers will be acting as ‘data processors’ as defined by the 1998 Data Protection Act. Groupcall has taken all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of the personal information, and continues to review these measures on an on-going basis.

If you have any questions about the security of Emerge for Parents, you should speak to your school in the first instance. They can then contact the Data Processors if necessary and can provide more information to you as required.



I’d like more information about how Emerge for Parents works, who do I contact?

Emerge for Parents is made by Groupcall Limited. You can contact their sales team here. Please note however that Groupcall cannot offer any support or information relating to a specific school, user or child.

Active Directory Support FAQs (8)

What is Emerge with Active Directory support?

Already in your school there will be an Active Directory domain that contains both the usernames and passwords that your staff use to log into their laptops and/or workstations.  What we are doing here is allowing users to log into their Emerge app using that same username and password so that it’s easier to manage users.

How does Active Directory login to Emerge make things easier?

Currently when a user is to be added to Emerge the school administrator (or hosted administrator) must open the Emerge Management Console and create a new user manually.  The same applies for forgotten passwords; the administrator must open the Emerge Management Console and reset it.

With Active Directory integration the creation of users in Emerge Management Console is automatic and invisible.  The school administrator works with Groupcall to set a configuration to help Emerge work out whether a user trying to log in is staff or a student – the latter can’t come in – and whether that staff is SLT or Teaching, which then controls which profile they see.

Teachers then don’t need to remember an extra username and password for their Emerge app and can use the same username and password as any other school device, via the Active Directory.

When using Active Directory, how do you choose which staff can log in and what they can see, and keep students out?

Active Directory keeps its users in folders, like files, which it calls Organisational Units (OUs).  Users in Active Directory can also be members of Active Directory Groups.  Emerge detects whether a username is an SLT or a teacher by being told what OU an SLT or teacher user is in, and/or which group.  If a user logs in from the Emerge app and they meet the rules for SLT then they get that permission; if not then we test to see if they meet the teacher rules; and if not then they get refused login because we don’t know what type of user they are.

How much does Active Directory support in Emerge for Schools cost?

Emerge with Active Directory support is an inclusive feature at no extra charge. Please note that your Emerge for Schools licensing still remains as previously with a license required per enabled user unless you have a site license.

How do I avoid going over my licensed user limit when using Active Directory with Emerge?

We recommend using Active Directory Groups to manage which staff in your school are permitted for Emerge access in order to keep below your licensed limit.

How do I disable a user or change their settings when Active Directory is enabled for Emerge login?

Emerge will only check your Active Directory once a day (first time the user logs in that day) in order to prevent overloading your Active Directory.

If you disable an Active Directory user or if you change their group, e.g so that a teacher becomes an SLT, then this will apply the next morning. You can still open the Emerge Management Console in the meantime where matching usernames will be available for you to manage and alter as you need.

How do I tell Emerge the Staff Code of a teacher so they can see their groups when using Active Directory login?

Emerge will try to work this out for itself by matching the teacher name to your MIS, but if you want to specify the exact value then you can tell the Emerge Server to read a specific Active Directory attribute that contains the staff code already.

If we can’t determine a staff code (for example if there are two staff with similar names) then we mark them as 'Supply' so they don’t see their own groups. You’ll need to either use the Active Directory attribute method above, or edit the user in the Emerge Management Console to correct this.


Can I have a mixture of Active Directory users and existing Emerge Management Console users?

Yes our Active Directory support allows you to have this mixed model, it’s not an all-or-nothing switch.

With Active Directory support enabled any user that tries to log into Emerge and is not listed in the Emerge Management Console, or who is listed but has an incorrect password, will be tested against your Active Directory too.  This means that you can run a mixture of Active Directory and Emerge users, and it also provides a migration method if your Emerge usernames happen to match your Active Directory usernames (which quite often we find they do!)

Emerge for Parents (2)

I have more than one child – can I have a single login?

  • If your children are all at the same school then you will see them all automatically under the same login. Click here to troubleshoot.
  • If your children are at different schools that subscribe to Emerge for Parents, you have the option to link the second (or third etc) invites you receive to the same login. Click here for more information.
  • You will only get one invitation per school.

Can another person have their own login details to access my/our children’s information?

  • Emerge for Parents only shows those people that have current Parental Responsibility (PR) for a child. This is a legal requirement.
  • Anyone who has PR will be allowed to see the child(ren) and will have their own login.
  • We do not recommend shared logins are used.
  • Anyone who does not have PR, such as a Grandparent or other family member, will not be able to have a login of their own, however you can show them information on your device when you are with them if you would like to.
  • Anyone who may at one time have had PR, which has now been rescinded, will not be able to see the children for which they once had access.
    • If for example, the child's father had PR and signed up for an account and then later had PR rescinded by a court, their login to Emerge for Parents would still work, however they would not see the child for which PR has been removed.
    • In the case of a change to PR, you should make sure the school are advised so that the school filing systems can be updated.
    • You can also ask the school to revoke an Emerge for Parents user account so that the relevant person can not login at all.
  • In all cases, the school system must reflect the current arrangements for Parental Responsibility to ensure that Emerge for Parents has access to the correct information and access rights.

Getting Started (6)

Where does the information in Emerge for Parents come from?

In order to download the Xporter application, please click the link below.

The installation itself is very straightforward, but to help you we have provided a video and some step by step instructions.

Download the above file, then save and run the file you downloaded as appropriate for your organisation.

Having started the set-up running, you will find it a straightforward process to click through the installer.

Accept the default installation points and select “Install”…
Choose your MIS as appropriate… and click next or install as appropriate on next few windows.




Enter the groupcall user credentials for your MIS installation. Ensure you select “Login” before choosing “Next”…

And in the subsequent window complete your LEA and Establishment code and school name as relevant, following the last few windows through until you finish the installer.



Getting Help

In the unlikely event that you run into a problem with your installation then please contact the partner or Local Authority that provided Groupcall Xporter to you for support. They are best qualified to carry out first line support because they know you, the end customer, and because they know the system that your data is being sent to.

If your Xporter problem needs Groupcall’s input then your supplier will elevate the case to Groupcall on your behalf. In this instance Groupcall might contact you directly to investigate the problem you’re having and to try and resolve it for you.



Registering for a username seems quite long winded. Why is that?


What do I need to do?

You have been sent to this web page because a Local Authority or Partner Organisation has an installation of XVault and wants to collect data from your school. If you need more information on the purpose of this data collection, you should speak to the person who has asked you to visit this webpage!

XVault uses Groupcall Xporter to extract data from your MIS and send it on to the receiving XVault database.

This page will guide you through the installation of Xporter.


Can I use Emerge for Parents on my Apple phone/tablet/media player?


Where should I install Groupcall Xporter?

Groupcall recommends, where possible, that Xporter is installed on the MIS server. This will reduce potential complexity connecting to the MIS and will ensure that the Xporter installation is as highly available as the server.

If this is not possible in your environment, a suitable additional server or workstation will suffice. Please bear in mind that this machine should be left powered on at all times, this will ensure accuracy and availability of data. It must also have access to the MIS data and meet the pre-requisites detailed below.

Xporter Hardware requirements

Xporter has negligible hardware requirements and in most cases should go unnoticed on a computer running at least a 1.6GHz processor with at least 1GB of memory. The Disk Space required varies by extracts in use and how many you have installed, but as a rule of thumb the typical installation will need no more than 250MB working space, however busy installations can cache up to 1GB. An active internet connection is also required, this can be wireless, however a wired connection is usually more reliable.


Xporter Software requirements

Groupcall Xporter requires the following, and any additional MIS-specific requirements as below;

  • Administrator access to the computer
    • Both during installation and post-install to run the Xporter Management Console on an on-going basis
  • Microsoft .net Framework 4.6.2
  • Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 Full (not Client Profile)
    • To be installed alongside the SIMS workstation client.
    • This must be enabled as a feature via Server Manager.
  • Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1
    • This must be enabled as a feature via Server Manager.
    • Ensuring  this is available ahead of installation will significantly shorten the installation process as certain systems require a restart as part of the .net installation.
  • A Supported Windows Version
    • Windows Server
      • 2008 R2,
      • 2012,
      • 2012 R2
    • Windows Client (you should always try to install on a server when you are able to).
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8.1
      • Windows 10
  • Older versions of Windows;
    • Microsoft have now discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
    • Xporter will continue to run on these systems for a period of time but newer versions of Xporter are not guaranteed to be compatible.
    • Following best practices for data security you should migrate away from these Windows versions as soon as possible.


Can I use Emerge for Parents on my Windows phone/tablet/media player?

Not right now unfortunately, but we are working on support for alternative systems. Watch this space!

Can I use Emerge for Parents on my Laptop or Desktop computer?

We have designed Emerge for Parents to be accessible easily and quickly so that parents can see the latest information on their children as well as it being easy to look at as a family. We have therefore focussed our efforts on smartphones and tablets to bring this service to you. If we get a lot of demand for the service on more platforms we'll look at adding them; why not let your school know if you believe you have a strong case for an alternative way of accessing the service.

My IDaaS Account (6)

I have forgotten my password; how do I reset it?

To recover your IDaaS password you will need access to the mobile phone registered with the provider of the service to which you are logging in.

Basic methodForgottenPassword_All

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Forgotten Password'.
  3. Enter your username.
  4. Enter the Captcha text.
  5. Select a contact option.
  6. A code will be sent to the contact method you selected.
  7. Enter the code.
  8. Enter your new password once and then a second time to confirm it.


Detailed method
  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Forgotten Password'.
  3. ForgottenPassword_UsernameCaptchaEnter your username.
    • NB if you have forgotten your username, only the system provider can tell you what it is. Read More...
  4. Enter the Captcha text.
    • This is a security measure to make sure you are a real person and not an automated hacker.
  5. There will be a short pause whilst IDaaS queries the provider's system for recovery methods, such as a mobile phone number.

    ForgottenPassword_ContactOptionSelect the contact option to which you have most convenient access.

    • There may only be 1 option depending on the providers' settings.
  7. Choose 'Next'.
  8. A code will be sent to the contact method you selected and confirmation that it has been sent will show on the screen.

    ForgottenPassword_CodeSentEnter that code.

  10. Enter your new password.
  11. Enter your new password again to confirm it.
  12. Press 'Next'.
  13. Your password has been changed.


Can I change my chosen login details?

You can change your password at anytime by going to and logging in with the same username and password you use in the related app or website.

Your username is fixed and cannot be changed. If you have forgotten your username, please speak to the provider of the system to which you are logging in.

To change your password;

  1. Login by using the button at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click on your username in the top right of the page.
  4. Click 'change password'.
  5. Enter your current password.
  6. Enter your new password.
  7. Enter your new password again to confirm it.
  8. Press submit.
  9. Your password has been changed.


I have forgotten my username. What should I do?

For reasons of security, only your school administrator can give you your username. You will need to ask them for it directly.

Your school administrator has permissions to recover your username and in the unlikely event they cannot help directly they can request help on your behalf or put you in contact with relevant third parties.

You may need to provide proof of identity so please be prepared to do that. Security is of paramount importance to protect your identity so we hope you'll understand why this may be necessary. For this reason we suggest choosing a memorable username or making sure you keep a secure record of your assigned username (but not your password - you should never write that down!).

What browsers can I use to login to IDaaS?

In order to login to a third-party system powered by IDaaS you will need to use one of the following supported browsers;


  • Chrome - Current version
  • Firefox - Current version
  • Internet Explorer v10 and above

Apple MacOS;

  • Chrome - Current version
  • Firefox - Current version
  • Safari - Current version


  • iOS - 5.1 or higher
  • Android 2.3.3 or 4+
  • Windows Phone 8.1

Not sure which version or browser you have? This external page might help.

Can I use my login on multiple devices?

Yes. Simply download the related app, or visit the relevant website, on any supported devices and login!

I have an account across multiple systems; who do I contact regarding an issue with my account?

Any of the system providers associated with your account can help. If necessary they have access to a support line where they can go for advice. If one provider are unable to help, you could always try another; just make sure you explain clearly what the problem is!

If however your issue relates to a specific child and not a general account query, you should speak to the school at which that child is enrolled. Any information relating a specific child is controlled by the system at their school.

PayOurSchool FAQs (12)

What is Pay Our School?

PayOurSchool is an electronic parental payment system administered securely with the Groupcall Messenger system with additional secure parent access to allow payments to be made by parents/guardians.

Way2Pay Limited are a company based in Ireland who produce the PayOurSchool service. Groupcall Ltd have partnered to deliver a electronic payment system within the Groupcall Messenger EcoSystem. The Way2Pay Limited Privacy Statement can be viewed at



Does PayOurSchool integrate with any other Groupcall systems?


PayOurSchool is fully integrated with Messenger and Xpressions. Your school users will be able to use the system in a familiar interface using the same username and password as they use for Messenger. Your parents will benefit from unified communications on all school related matters and if they use the Xpressions they will can the messages and have the ability to pay for activities from the app simply and quickly. There are no parental usernames and passwords, yet the system remains secure, so it's a breeze to setup and use for everybody.

Plus, just like Messenger, your MIS data will sync automatically giving you streamlined and accurate contact and student data.

How much does PayOurSchool cost?

Nothing! It is free*

*PayOurSchool has no setup, maintenance or other ongoing fee to use. There is simply an industry-leading 1.5% charge per transaction. To support schools further in ever more financially difficult times, PayOurSchool allows you to specify whether to pass that charge onto parents, on a per-activity basis. There is also no additional fee for parents using credit cards.

How are disbursements made to the school bank account?

When parents make a payment, the money they have paid goes to a central account for processing. The money is then 'disbursed' into your bank account on a weekly basis.

You can access disbursement information (e.g. to compare total amounts to broken down individual payments against Ledger Codes) from the 'School Reports' panel of PayOurSchool.

Disbursements take place at 2pm on a Friday, however in line with standard processing times in the banking system the funds could take up 2 working days to reach the school's nominated bank account(s).


Is the PayOurSchool service liable for VAT?

Yes, because this is a service being provided to you by PayOurSchool; a service provided to accept money conveniently from your parents to your school accounts is liable for VAT in the UK. Most educational establishments can claim this VAT back via tax declarations.

As you are aware, there is no licence fee, maintenance fee or other recurring charge to use the PayOurSchool module. The only fee to pay is a per-transaction charge of 1.5% of each non-cash transaction. VAT is applied at the standard rate (currently set by the government at 20%), and is applied to the transaction fee ONLY - so this is 20% on the 1.5%.  On cash transactions there is no per-transaction charge and hence no VAT to be applied.

To ensure robust VAT compliance, the VAT will be collected on your behalf at the time of the transaction and deducted from your disbursement of funds, the same point as when the 1.5% transaction fee is collected. This means no additional VAT will need to be paid or accounted for at the end of the financial year or in your tax returns. The money disbursed to your school account each week will be the value of the payments, minus both the transaction fees and the VAT on the transaction fees. This is no different to paying the VAT for the Messenger system or other software.


Activity Cost Fee Amount Total Amount Paid by Parent VAT Amount Amount requisitioned to school bank account in weekly transfer Net Amount after VAT reclaim
£10.00 £0.15 £10.00 £0.03 £10.00 - £0.15 - £0.03 = £9.82 £9.85

To aid in VAT reclaim, reports will be available from within the PayOurSchool interface so that you will have all the information to hand on how much VAT has been collected on your behalf for these transactions fees. How much you can claim back is worked out for you in an easy to use report, saving your school a great deal of time that would usually be required to calculate such a figure.

You will need the VAT number for PayOurSchool (not Groupcall) which you can request from us or see in the VAT reports.

What is an ‘Activity’ in PayOurSchool?

Simply put, an 'Activity' is something you wish to collect payment for. Usually a school trip or similar event, but could be anything that requires payment.

How do parents make payments?

posch_paymentrequestsThe parental payment process for PayOurSchool is very simple, requiring no distribution or management of parental usernames or passwords, nor do parents require a special dedicated app to make a payment.

They simply need access to the internet and a credit or debit card*.

Full details are available on the parent facing user guide available on




*PayOurSchool does support offline payments made via cash for those parents that do not have internet access or a suitable payment card. This does carry an additional overhead for your school staff however so parents should be encouraged to use online methods, perhaps at a library, with a friend or relative or even on a school computer, and to try using a pre-payment card such as those provided by MasterCard, Visa etc (available at many high street retailers).

Where does PayOurSchool get its data?

PayOurSchool has a copy of your Messenger data (such as students and their linked parents/contacts) as well as its own data that school users have input directly into the system. Only authorised Messenger users can input data to PayOurSchool.

The Messenger data is synchronised nightly after it is updated from your MIS. All data is kept and transmitted securely in line with our data privacy policies.

I can text/email from PayOurSchool – is this separate to sending a message from the main Messenger Menus?


We'd recommend you use Messenger as normal to send messages about activities etc, such as letters introducing the trip to parents, or reminders that an activity is taking place. However, if your message is about the payments themselves we'd recommend you use PayOurSchool's inbuilt notifications (such as the creation of a new activity) or ad-hoc messaging functionality.


Scenario Messaging system
"I have a letter about a ski trip that I want to send. It tells parents that a ski trip is taking place, when it is happening and asks parents to register their interest in the students taking part." Send this using Messenger as 'normal'.

You would most likely send this letter as an email to all eligible students, such as a year group or registration classes.

From the responses you could then setup a Messenger Saved Group or an MIS group of students that are taking part allowing you more streamlined communication in future as well as the ability to add only those students to the activities in PayOurSchool ensuring only relevant students are invited to pay.

"I've added a new activity and I need to ask parents to make a payment." PayOurSchool's inbuilt notifications will take care of this for you.

When you have set up the activity, simply select  'Save & Bill now' and the messages will be sent.

"I need to remind parents to make a payment" PayOurSchool's reminder service will message only the parents of those students who do not have a payment completed.
"It's the day before a school trip and I need to advise parents to send certain items (such as a raincoat due to a change in the weather) on the trip with their children." Send this using Messenger as 'normal' using the groups you setup for the trip either in Messenger or in your MIS.


Can I issue a refund to a parent?

Yes. This is all done from the Invoices Panel by opening the student's record for an Activity in PayOurSchool.


What is a Ledger Code / Cost Centre?

In PayOurSchool, each activity is associated with a Ledger Code or Cost Centre. This is used by the disbursement mechanism and reporting to identify the destination of money received from parents.

It's essentially a way of identifying the type of activity. It could be simply that you have a 'General' code and all money goes here, or you may wish to have granular control and send money for school trips to one bank account and money for school uniform to another.

We will add 1 or 2 for you at your instruction when setting up your account, however you can add more or edit these via the School Profile Actions Menu > View Ledger Codes.


payourschool_viewledgers payourschool_editledgers

What is an IBAN/BIC?

Simply put, an IBAN is a longer version of your Bank Account Number and a BIC is a longer version of  the associated Sort Code.


  • A United Kingdom bank account with account number "98765432" would have an IBAN of "GB82 WEST 1234 5698 7654 32"
  • The same Bank account with sort code "12-34-56" would have a BIC of "NWBKGB2L".

We request this information from you during setup of you PayOurSchool account so that we can make settlements to a bank account of the money your parents have paid. They have to be in a standardised format accepted and used across all systems that send (your parents) and receive (your school) money.

Your Bank will be able to provide the correct details if you do not have them to hand although most banks make this information accessible via internet banking and some provide online help as to how to find this. NatWest for example have this page available.

Using the App (10)

How quickly is information passed from school to my Emerge for Parents app?

The information in Emerge for Parents is not live; it is however updated regularly.

How regularly depends on the type of information being accessed;

    • Attendance Data.
      • Updated hourly.
    • Student Names/Registration Group/House etc.
      • Updated nightly
    • Parent Contact information.
      • Updated nightly.

Internet access is required on the device running the App for the information updates to be received.

There is some information in Emerge for Parents which concerns me – who do I contact to discuss this?

You need to speak to the school to which that information relates.

What should I do if I lose a device which has Emerge for Parents on it?

Before you lose a device...

Emerge for Parents can be secured with a PIN code that is independent of any codes set on the device. We recommend you set one when you login to Emerge. This can be done by clicking the settings cog in the lower right corner of the Emerge for Parents App home screen and choosing 'Change Passcode Lock'.

Apple and Google both provide services that are designed to either help you find a lost device or remotely erase it should it be lost irretrievably. There are also third party solutions available. More information is available by searching the internet for "lost smartphone" etc.

  • Apple's "find my iPhone" service is built in to every apple device that supports Emerge for Parents - you can find out about it here along with information on how to enable it and activate it should you lose your device.
  • Google's "Android Device Manager" is available on the majority of devices that support Emerge for Parents - you can find out about it here along with information on how to enable it and activate it should you lose your device.

If a device has already been lost...

  1. You should change your Emerge for Parents password.
    • For information on how to do that click here. The link above will take you straight to the login page where you can change your password.
  2. You should make use of any Apple or Android service with which you are registered that can locate or erase the data held on your device.
    • Login to the Apple service here using your iCloud/iTunes username and password.
    • Login to the Google service here using your Google username and password.
  3. If you cannot do the above and you are still concerned about the data on a lost device, you can speak to your school who can disable your account. This can take some time to become effective on the the lost device and so should only be used as a last resort. It also has the downside of requiring you to re-register for a new account once you find or replace the lost device.

Why are there some gaps in lesson attendance?

Lesson Attendance is the taking of a register at the start of each lesson and recording who is in attendance for that period or lesson; e.g. English mid morning.

Session Attendance is the taking of a register once in the morning and once again in the afternoon to record which students were in school that morning or afternoon.

Not all schools take Lesson attendance all the time. They do take Session attendance however as this is a mandatory requirement for government reporting.

Only the 2 types of attendance recording give a true picture of a child's attendance at school, particularly the older a child gets. A student may be in the school building and have attended morning registration, but that does not necessarily mean they have found their way to the maths classroom!

It is likely that the school subscribing to Emerge for Parents want to track attendance patterns and enlist the help of parents not least advise them of any non-attending students, so there should be few occasions when there are gaps. These could be due to a cover teacher (for example when the main teacher is ill) not having access to the school registration system or any other factors to do with the administration of registers.

If you have ongoing concerns about regular gaps in the attendance data you are seeing you should talk to the school.

I don’t speak english. Nie mówię po angielsku. ਮੈਨੂੰ ਅੰਗਰੇਜ਼ੀ ਗੱਲ ਨਾ ਕਰਦੇ. میں انگریزی نہیں بولتے.

English is my second language, is it possible to change the language in the app to my native language?

Unfortunately not at present, however this is something we are working on. Ask your school if you need help with this.

Angielski to mój drugi język, czy to możliwe, aby zmienić język w aplikacji do mojego ojczystego języka?

Niestety nie w chwili obecnej, jest to jednak coś, co pracuje. Zwrócić się do szkoły, jeśli potrzebujesz pomocy z tym.

ਅੰਗਰੇਜ਼ੀ, ਮੇਰਾ ਦੂਜਾ ਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਹੈ ਇਸ ਨੂੰ ਮੇਰੇ ਮੂਲ ਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਨੂੰ ਅਨੁਪ੍ਰਯੋਗ ਵਿੱਚ ਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਨੂੰ ਤਬਦੀਲ ਕਰਨਾ ਸੰਭਵ ਹੈ?

ਬਦਕਿਸਮਤੀ ਨਾਲ ਮੌਜੂਦ 'ਤੇ, ਪਰ ਇਸ ਨੂੰ ਸਾਡੇ' ਤੇ ਕੰਮ ਕਰ ਰਹੇ ਹਨ ਕਿ ਕੁਝ ਹੈ ਨਹੀ. ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਇਸ ਨਾਲ ਮਦਦ ਦੀ ਲੋੜ ਹੈ, ਜੇਕਰ ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਸਕੂਲ ਨੂੰ ਪੁੱਛੋ.

ریزی، میری دوسری زبان ہے کہ یہ میری آ کے لئے اپلی کیشن میں زبان تبدیل کرنے کے لئے ممکن ہے؟

بدقسمتی سے اس وقت، تاہم ہم اس پر کام کر رہے ہیں کچھ نہیں ہے. تم اس کے ساتھ مدد کی ضرورت ہے تو آپ کے اسکول سے پوچھو.

Can I still use Emerge for Parents outside the UK? For example if my work sometimes takes me abroad or when I am on holiday.

Emerge for Parents relies on an active internet connection to get data from your school. Wherever you have access to the internet, you have access to the information in Emerge for Parents.

You should be aware however that any internet access that is not included in your mobile data allowance can be chargeable by your mobile provider. This includes roaming on networks outside the UK. You can usually find free WiFi in hotels and bars however.

I’d rather not use my mobile network to download data to Emerge, is it possible to set it to only sync when linked to a wifi connection?

Whilst Emerge for Parents uses very little data, depending on your device you may be able to restrict it's use to WiFI only.

This can be done from your device settings for an Apple device running iOS 7;

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Tap Cellular.
  3. Scroll down to the list of Apps.
  4. Turn the slider to off (grey) for Emerge for Parents.
  5. The App is now blocked from using your 3G/4G connection.

Other iOS versions may differ. There are many resources available online to assist you.

For Android devices you will need to install a third party app to allow you to achieve this. There are many resources available online to assist you with this.

Why can’t I see lesson attendance/assessment/behaviour for all of my children?

  • Not all schools take Lesson attendance all the time.
    • Lesson Attendance is the taking of a register at the start of each lesson and recording who is in attendance for that period or lesson; e.g. English mid-morning. Session Attendance is the taking of a register once in the morning and once again in the afternoon to record which students were in school that morning or afternoon. They do take Session attendance however as this is a mandatory requirement for government reporting.
  • Some schools may choose not to make assessment/behaviour/achievements visible to parents all the time.
  • Your child may not have any recent assessment/behaviour/achievements records - Emerge for Parents only shows recent information so as to control the size of data and limit large amounts of information from becoming too large to store.

If in doubt, you should talk to your school.

I can’t see all of my children in the App. What should I do?

  • Only children in a school that subscribes to Emerge for Parents will show in your App. If you have children in a different school, they may not show.
  • If all your children are in the same Emerge for Parents subscribed school then its possible that the school filing system does not have you linked as the parent of multiple children correctly. You will need to speak to the school.
  • If you do not have legal Parental Responsibility for all your children then the school cannot show you any children for which you do not have PR.