Hosted Xporter Manager Bulk Operations

There are several 'Bulk Operations' that can be performed using csv upload.

  • Bulk add schools.
  • Bulk bind schools to instances.
  • Bulk add SIF agents along with specifying their respective zones.

For each operation, you will use a separate csv file. If you wish to 'build' the file in a spreadsheet first (using AllColumns.csv), you can recycle columns because they appear in several files.

Please see tables below showing the file names and columns used. You will see there are various options dependent on MIS used or the functionality in question. Please note: all columns must be present but do not have to be populated.

There is an example file available for each operation that has the column headings ready for you to populate.

The example files contain the column header row, which should be left untouched, and then some example rows to highlight the format of values that should be used and to help explain the content required.The sample rows can be deleted to make way for your own values to be included and then the files saved to suitable location to be imported into your hosted environment.

1. Bulk Add Schools

In order to add several new schools at once to the Hosted environment, you will need a csv named “HostedSchools.csv” with the following columns:

Value Required? Yes Optional - based on MIS
Column Header Sch ID Lea Code Dfes Number Sch Name MIS CMIS Connect String CMIS Api Server CMIS Api File Server Name DB Name Cmd Timeout E1 Web Service URL

Hosted Schools.csv

Once you have added schools in bulk, you will then need to bind them to an Xporter instance, which can also be done in bulk, as outlined in step 2 below.

 2. Bulk Bind Schools

You will need a csv named “HostedBinding.csv” with the following columns.

Value Required? Yes Yes Yes
Column Header School Identifier Xporter Instance Gcx Name

Hosted Bindings.csv

3. Bulk Add SIF agents

You will need a csv named “HostedSIF.csv” with the following columns.

Value Required? Yes Yes Yes Optional - values separated by a space.
Column Header School Identifier Xporter Instance Zone URL Event GCXs

Hosted SIF.csv


The Bulk Import Process

Steps in italics are optional.

  1. Prepare a list of schools required in the hosted environment using AllColumns.csv
  2. Prepare individual files as detailed above by (copying relevant individual columns from AllColumns.csv or) filling in the detail for each one separately.
  3. Save each file to a suitable location.
  4. Navigate to the 'Maintenance Tasks' tab in the Hosted Manager tool.
  5. Using the 'Browse' button, find the files you have prepared for upload.
  6. Select the button relevant to the task at hand.
  7. Wait for a confirmation message that states "No Errors Were Encountered in the Process".
  8. Close and re-open the Hosted Manager tool to refresh the view before confirming all schools are listed in the 'Hosted Schools' tab.
  9. Repeat as necessary for subsequent files.

If you encounter any errors with the above progress, please check that the columns in your prepared csv files are correctly populated.