Groupcall Management Console

This software is the tool used to setup and maintain emerge devices, users and groups which will be used within the school system, alongside any additional settings and options needed.

This runs off a newly installed service “Groupcall Emerge Service”This service operates in conjunction with the Xporter agent - a tool used to securely extract the information from the MIS and cache encrypted data files locally to sync with Emerge.

Xporter uses a number of MIS report files to extract the data off a newly installed service before passing the data to the “Groupcall Emerge Service” for access by the handheld devices. This software runs with a very small footprint in the background.

NB: You may have the Xporter Management Console already installed as it is widely used by a number of 3rd Party Partners and Local Authorities for Data Extraction and Translation. Installing Emerge alongside an existing installation of Xporter is fully supported and will have no impact on any existing configuration.